MapuSoft Technologies Release 1.3.5

MapuSoft's new software release 1.3.5 extends support to Windows Mobile(r) and RT Linux(r) target OS platforms, adds one-hundred new POSIX APIs, adds µITRON OS Abstractor to support Japanese standard ITRON 4.0 APIs, and expands the functionality of MapuSoft's OS PAL.

Mobile, AL, April 16, 2009 - MapuSoft Technologies today announced the software release 1.3.5. The release extends support to Windows Mobile® and RT Linux® target OS platforms. Approximately one-hundred new POSIX APIs were added to the current POSIX OS Abstractor product, to extend support for PSE53 POSIX profile features like signals, fork, exec, mmap, spawn and others. MapuSoft also introduced a new product in the release, adding µITRON OS Abstractor. µITRON OS Abstractor supports Japanese standard ITRON 4.0 APIs across many different target operating systems including Linux®, Windows®, WinCE®, VxWorks®, Nucleus®, ThreadX®, QNX®, LynxOS® and more. MapuSoft’s OS PAL now generates template code automatically when creating new projects; imports WRS workbench projects directly into OS PAL; ports legacy VxWorks®, Nucleus®, pSOS®, POSIX and µITRON applications using an advanced porting tool; and generates API timing reports.

MapuSoft offers the software reuse products OS Abstractor®, OS Changer® and OS PAL™ to help developers streamline development processes and reuse their embedded software on one or more operating systems. Target operating systems supported include VxWorks® 5x & 6x, Linux® 2.4 & 2.6/RT Linux, LynxOS®, Solaris®, Unix®, eCOS®, Windows XP®/Vista®/CE®/Mobile®, Nucleus®, ThreadX®, MQX®, QNX®, T-Kernel® and uITRON®.

OS Abstractor APIs give users the ability to effectively develop code independent of the underlying OS to protect software investment and to easily expand support to multiple operating systems. OS Abstractor provides a standard OS interface architecture, including common commercial BASE OS APIs and POSIX APIs. The BASE component offers a standard OS interface architecture that is flexible and intuitive for application development. The POSIX component offers industry standard API compliance for new code development and/or re-use of existing POSIX code base across multiple OS platforms. OS Changer protects user’s existing software investment and knowledge base by giving the ability to reuse pSOS®, VxWorks and Nucleus legacy code on different operating systems. OS PAL (OS Porting & Abstraction Lab) leverages on existing OS Abstractor and OS Changer technologies and provides an Eclipse® based IDE to easily port, abstract and optimize code on a host machine and run the application on different target OS platforms. A free evaluation of OS Changer, OS PAL and OS Abstractor can be downloaded at

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