McObject offers Android-ready embedded database & performance benchmark

McObject's Perst, an all-Java object-oriented, open source embedded database system, has been verified as compatible with Android.

McObject is offering the Android-ready Perst, as well as TestIndex, a demo application showing Perst and Android's bundled SQLite database performing the same tasks side by side. Both are available as free downloads, with complete source code, from

Perst is a very compact embedded database, with a core consisting of only five thousand lines of code. This small footprint imposes little demand on system resources. Moreover, Perst does not require administration. Perst supports transactions with the ACID (Atomic, Consistent, Isolated and Durable) properties, and expands developers' coding efficiency by making Java objects as easy to use as possible.

For example, for access to objects, Perst implements specialized collection classes optimized for different data layouts and access patterns, including:

-- a classic B-Tree implementation;

-- R-tree indexes for spatially-oriented applications such as GIS and navigation;

-- main-memory database containers, based on T-Tree indexes, optimized for real-time memory-only access;

-- the Patricia Trie index, which speeds searches in networking and telephony applications;

-- a TimeSeries class to efficiently deal with small fixed-size objects;

-- specialized versions of collections for thick indices (indices with many duplicates), and bit indices (keys with a restricted number of possible values).

In addition to its core functionality, Perst provides optional features such as garbage collection, detection of hanging references, automatic schema evolution, XML import/export utilities, master-slave replication support (with the option to run read-only queries on slave nodes), an SQL subset to filter elements of any collection, and integration with the AspectJ and JAssist AOP tools.

For more info on Perst, see www.mcobject.perst.