Micrium Completes First Ports to Analog Devices' Blackfin Processors

uC/OS-II, uC/TCP-IP and uC/Probe Now Support Blackfin

WESTON, Fla.–April 8, 2008–As part of its commitment to supporting all major microprocessor platforms, Micrium, a leading provider of high quality embedded software components, today announced that its uC/OS-IITM real time operating system (RTOS) and uC/TCP-IPTM network stack have been ported to Analog Devices Blackfin family of microprocessors. The companys uC/ProbeTM monitoring tool is also fully compatible with Blackfin processors.

“Micrium components now support nearly 50 architectures, including ARM, Cortex, PowerPC, ColdFire, Blackfin and others. Supporting the Blackfin platform is a major addition to our portfolio, and it demonstrates the growing adoption of our products across the embedded marketplace,” stated Jean Labrosse, president and CEO of Micrium. “The Blackfin processors performance - up to 600 MHz - and architecture, with its rich instruction set, make uC/OS-II a great candidate for mixed control and signal processing applications.”

Analog Devices Blackfin embodies a new breed of 16/32-bit embedded processor with the industrys highest performance and power efficiency for applications where a convergence of capabilities  multi-format audio, video, voice and image processing; multi-mode baseband and packet processing; and real-time security and control processing  are critical. It is this powerful combination of software flexibility and scalability that has gained Blackfin widespread adoption in convergent applications such as digital home entertainment, networked and streaming media, automotive telematics and infotainment, and digital radio and mobile TV.

“Embedded developers value Micriums uC/OS-II real time operating system for its small memory footprint, availability of source code for advanced development and royalty free licensing for product deployment,” said Rick Gentile, Applications Engineering Manager in ADIs GP-DSP Division. “Micriums robust suite of embedded software components is a perfect fit with the Blackfin processors wide range of integrated peripherals targeting markets from mobile media to high power industrial applications. We work closely with Micrium to ensure the continued compatibility of Micrium and Blackfin products. Our customers that use the Micrium products always remind me that they have one less thing to worry about in their development.”

Micriums uC/TCP-IP stack is designed specifically for the demanding requirements of embedded systems and provides superior performance on the Blackfin processors, especially when used with DMA support, as on the BF537. Other application Layer protocols such as uC/DHCP, uC/DNS and uC/FTP are also available from Micrium, and make uC/TCP-IP stack the best choice for network applications on the Blackfin processors. The combination of Micrium products, including uC/OS-II and uC/TCP-IP, along with the uC/Probe monitoring tool, allows users to develop applications in a unified way without encountering compatibility issues.

Ports of uC/OS-II are now available for Analog Devices BF533, BF537, BF548 and dual-core BF561, while ports of uC/TCP-IP are available for Analog Devices BF537 and BF548. Available ports can be downloaded from the Micrium website, at www.micrium.com/analog/index.html.

Product Information

Micriums uC/OS-II RTOS is a highly portable, ROMable, scalable, preemptive real-time, multitasking kernel. uC/OS-II can manage up to 255 tasks and provides: Semaphores, Event Flags, Mutual Exclusion Semaphores, Message Mailboxes and Queues, Task, Time, Timer and Fixed Sized Memory Block Management.

uC/TCP-IP is a compact, reliable, high performance TCP/IP protocol stack. Built from the ground up with Micrium's renowned quality, scalability and reliability, uC/TCP-IP enables the rapid configuration of required network options to minimize time to market. uC/TCP-IP is a clean-room design and not derived from publicly available Unix stacks, yet is compatible with the Berkeley 4.4 socket layer interface. uC/TCP-IP can be used on 16, 32 and 64-bit CPUs.

uC/Probe is a universal embedded systems monitoring tool that provides system feedback without the need to stop the application. uC/Probe saves considerable development time by visually allowing users to see the internals of a running embedded application, and to change settings and configuration values in the target.

About Micrium

Micrium provides high-quality embedded software components by way of engineer-friendly source code, unsurpassed documentation and customer support. The company's world-renowned real-time operating system, the Micrium uC/OS-II, features the highest-quality source code available for today's embedded market. Micrium's products consistently shorten time-to-market throughout all product development cycles. For additional information on Micrium, please visit www.micrium.com.