Micrium Adds Simulator to Award-Winning uC/Probe Real Time Embedded Systems Monitoring Tool

New Simulator Speeds Up Development Time, Doubles as Product Demo Tool

WESTON, FL, USA – October 9, 2007 – Micrium, a leading provider of high quality embedded software components, today introduced an upgraded version of its award winning uC/Probe, a unique new tool for embedded developers to monitor all their embedded systems designs in a live environment.

By providing simulation on a Windows platform users can test a good portion of their embedded software and be able to visualize it using uC/Probe. Another advantage for users is that visualization screens can be created offline and thus be ready when the actual hardware shows up. The new features considerably strengthen uC/Probe's capabilities as a demonstration and marketing tool, as it can now demo new products without needing to have hardware connected to the PC.

“Since its launch in March of this year, we have seen an extremely positive response to this new type of monitoring tool previously unavailable to embedded developers,” explained Jean Labrosse, President and CEO of Micrium. “uC/Probe is invaluable to developers because uC/Probe allows developers to see inside their products at run-time help ensure the systems are working properly. The addition of a simulator capability and additional connectivity methods further increase the value by bringing it to more users in more stages of development across the full spectrum of embedded systems.”

Additional upgrades in the current release include uC/Probe support for TCP-IP and USB connectivity, meaning uC/Probe can interface with virtually any embedded system available on the market today, or any PC when operating in simulator mode.

The current release also adds Renesas' emulator support allowing all Renesas microcontrollers (M16C, M32C, SH and H8 lines) to work with uC/Probe; the addition of bitmaps to allow users to add logos and other graphics; and improved editing capabilities, including copy, paste, grouping and snap-to-grid functionality.

uC/Probe-STD is available now and sold on a per-computer basis for $995. It can be downloaded on a 30-day time-limited evaluation version from www.micrium.com/products/probe/trialprobe.html.

About uC/Probe

uC/Probe eliminates the need to stop an application in order to get system feedback and saves considerable development time by visually allowing users to see the internals of a running embedded application. As a result, developers can ensure that the system is working properly or immediately identify system instabilities that are visible only when the system is live.

uC/Probe works with compilers, any 8-, 16-, 32- and 64-bit CPUs as well as DSPs and, can be used with any toolchain that can generate a ELF/DWAFF or IEEE695 file, eliminating the need for custom programming or scripting. Data is displayed graphically on a PC running Microsoft Windows, and values can be numeric or shown as gauges, bar graphs, plots, graphs, LEDs, counters, or pie charts. uC/Probe does not require users to write code and can operate with or without a real time operating system (RTOS). The product interfaces with hardware targets via J-Tag, RS-232C, TCP/IP, USB and Renesas emulators through HEW Target Server for data collection.