Micromax Has Extended Its International Reach At Embedded World 2013 In Nuremburg

MicroMax announced today its successful participation in Embedded World 2013 in Nuremberg, where its products were well received by attendees.

M-Max 700 PR/TTI
M-Max 700 PR/TTI
Fully sealed fanless ATR enclosure, M-Max 810 PR/MS3
Fully sealed fanless ATR enclosure, M-Max 810 PR/MS3

At the conclusion of Embedded World, Alexander Klokov, CTO of MicroMax noted: "We were happy to see that industry professionals attending the show recognized the value of our products. In particular, our unique fully sealed fanless ATR enclosure, M-MAX 810 PR/MS3, especially designed to house PC/104 form-factor boards, favorably caught the eye of the participants as well as industry experts”.

Another noteworthy MicroMax exhibit showed the M-Max 700 PR/TTI Rugged Industrial Computer whose ultracapacitor-based UPS provides 2 minutes of backup power. Normally sealed against harsh environments, at the show it was presented in a special open-sectioned case allowing viewers to examine its unique construction which utilizes MicroMax's patented thermal and vibroinsulated technology. Industry experts were impressed by the design quality of its 10 board PC/104 stack.

Attendees also found interest in the M-Max 400 ST/USO error-free rugged computer with redundant dual subsystems, each containing its own processing core and UPS employing an intelligent ultracapacitor-based charging device. The M-Max 400 ST/USO has been used as the single major element enabling an enhanced ATC system to increase railroad traffic capacity by 10% without any changes in the rolling stock. Attendees praised the significant cost savings it can enable, as well as its ruggedness.

The M-Max line offers performance comparable to high end desktop systems at a fraction of the size. The fanless M-Max, housed in a rugged aluminum enclosure with dual shock and vibration protection, is designed for operation in harsh environments including extreme temperatures, dust, humidity and vibration. MicroMax, as a manufacturer of industrial computers, takes a customized approach to each client to provide best service, with its engineering group designing M-Max systems to fit the specific technical requirements of the customer.

To support using high performance processors when passive cooling and a small enclosure are mandatory, MicroMax developed technology to dissipate excessive heat from computer boards and other electronic devices working in high vibration environments. This patented design efficiently removes heat from electronic components housed on a circuit board vibroinsulated from an enclosure. This allows MicroMax to offer many models of high performance environmentally hardened computers solving many difficult problem situations.

To extend the successful M-Max family, MicroMax will soon launch its newest star, the rugged and unequalled M-Max 800 EP, a fully sealed 3.0Ghz Intel i7 CPU system which operates at ambient temperatures of -40 to +55 °C, and is both highly vibration and shock resistant. This product opens new applications areas for customers needing high performance but also excellent durability and low maintenance.

For more information, visit MicroMax’s website www.micromax.com.

MicroMax Computer Intelligence was founded in New York, USA, in 1979. It specializes in designing and manufacturing of embedded solutions for harsh environments, systems development and distribution of industrial computing and communication products.