Minco Concludes Year One of Multi-Year Plan to Upgrade Instrumentation Portfolio

Plan focus is on new products, capabilities and enhancements that are user-friendly and flexible

Minneapolis, MN — Minco announces the conclusion of year one of a multi-year plan to refresh and upgrade its instrumentation portfolio. Focus of the plan includes new products and capabilities as well as enhancements to controllers, transmitters, and data acquisition.

Product improvements during the first year centered on adding USB and user-friendly software interfaces to temperature controllers and monitoring systems, including full PID capabilities to temperature controllers, expanding on Minco’s existing DC HeaterStat, updating Minco’s CT335 PCB Mount Controller, and upgrading programmable transmitters with HART® 7 protocol.

“Our decision to improve Minco instrumentation was based on customer feedback and need,” said Darrell Hyde, Minco’s Sensor and Instrument Product Marketing Manager. “Each stage of this multi-year plan will provide improved flexibility and added functionality to our instrumentation products.”

The specific products addressed include Minco’s CT425 Temperature Controller, the CT424 Temperature Monitor/Alarm, the CT298 AC HeaterStat, the CT435 PC Board Mount Temperature Controller, and the TT521 and TT531 Programmable HART® 7 Transmitters.

Minco’s CT425 Temperature Controller is most commonly used for research and development in the medical and aerospace industries. This PID controller is versatile and configurable. It features two programmable inputs, three user-configurable outputs, PC or on-board data logging, communication via USB, a user-friendly software package and optional Bluetooth communication.

The CT424 Temperature Monitor/Alarm is used in power generation and transformers. It features programmability with improved measurement range and universal inputs as well as USB communication, user-friendly software for data logging and configuration, and UL/cUL recognition.

The CT298 AC HeaterStat simplifies heating applications by eliminating the need for a sensor when using a high TCR heater. Used in the medical and aerospace industries, it features USB connectivity, user-friendly software and integrated fault detection to help prevent damage. The CT298 expands on Minco’s existing DC HeaterStat controller.

The CT435 PC Board Mount Temperature Controller is used in the medical, aerospace and power generation industries and upgrades Minco’s CT335 Mount Temperature Controller. It features two inputs and two configurable outputs for any variation of PID, on/off, or alarm control.

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Minco’s TT521 and TT531 Programmable Transmitters are designed for process control and other applications. Both models feature HART® 7 protocol, are PC programmable and accept a signal from a thermocouple or a resistance temperature detector.

Minco instrumentation products are available for purchase on Minco’s new components ecommerce website, www.mincocomponents.com. In addition to components, Minco offers custom engineered solutions from initial problem statement through final product.

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Minco delivers comprehensive engineered temperature sensing and control solutions, as well as thermal and flex circuit solutions for medical, aerospace, defense, oil and gas, power generation and other high-reliability applications. The company couples advanced product technologies, expert design and engineering services, and a clear understanding of customer requirements to provide unmatched quality, reliability and performance in thousands of applications worldwide. Additional information can be found at www.minco.com.



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