MitySOM Embedded Imaging Dev Kit for Basler Dart at Automate

Get an early look at our latest embedded development solution. Visit Basler booth #2666 at Automate in Chicago, April 3-6.

Critical Link’s MitySOM-5CSx Development Kit has been paired up with Basler’s latest camera series, the dart® with BCON for LVDS interface. This power-packed combination is the fastest path for embedded imaging application development, and will be on display at Basler’s booth #2666 at the Automate show in Chicago, April 3-6, 2017 (

Automate is the biggest North-American show for automation, robotics, motion control, and vision. Critical Link’s MitySOM-5CSx platform ( is designed for embedded applications across each of these areas, ensuring a faster time to market and a significantly reduced development budget. Add integration with Basler’s dart series, the result is development platform perfectly fit for embedded vision products.

At Basler’s booth #2666 you’ll see how a dart with BCON for LVDS works using an edge detection application running on the MitySOM-5CSx. The demo features real-time image processing in the MitySOM’s Cyclone V SoC, using dual-core Cortex A9 ARMs and FPGA fabric, and leveraging IP Cores from Altera’s VIP Suite. Images feed from the MitySOM-5CSx directly to a display port monitor with no PC in the loop – a key out-of-the-box feature for embedded applications.

A fully-bundled kit will be available from Critical Link in early Q2, 2017. Contact us today at to ensure earliest delivery.

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