MOST Audio Mixer Demo

MOST Forum 2016: Scaling MOST150 for Entry Level Systems on Coax Physical Layer

The MOST® Cooperation - standardization organization for the leading automotive multimedia network technology Media Oriented Systems Transport (MOST) - will present an audio mixer demo using the coax physical layer at the upcoming MOST Forum on April 19, 2016 in Stuttgart/Esslingen (Germany). "The setup will demonstrate the scaling of MOST150 for entry level systems," explained Dr. Wolfgang Bott, Technical Coordinator of the MOST Cooperation. "The audio demo is based on MOST150 coax and includes several microphones and amplifiers. Thus, we can show that MOST handles multiple audio streams with no audible latency."

The demo setup produces high-end 5.1 surround sound. It implements a USB application interface. All other nodes are remote controlled nodes and set up via remote I2C. This central approach simplifies the software development. Another advantage is the low material cost, with only one microcontroller in the entire network and no programming required. This demonstration shows how MOST150 can be very cost effective, by placing all the processing power it needs in a single node and making the other nodes in the system very simple.

The demo setup has six microphones streaming audio to the MOST network over six mono channels. The mixer sources two 5.1 streams from an SD Card over 12 mono channels. The mixer then blends all 18 mono channels into one 5.1 stream output to MOST. Three stereo amplifiers render the mixer output to the speakers.