My Driving Pal: IoT for Things that Matter Most to You

My Driving Pal (MDP) is a combination of self powered hardware device and smartphone app that monitors a variety of different things in a person's life including a car, a drone, bicycle or even a child, all while protecting user's privacy. MDP enables IoT and V2V (Vehicle to Vehicle) communications.

MSP is a smart tracking device that monitors and tracks car/drone/bike/child
MSP is a smart tracking device that monitors and tracks car/drone/bike/child
MDP Device Board
MDP Device Board

Imagine the peace of mind you will have if, for example, you are visiting Disney Land with your children and one of them wanders off. Instead of panicking, you will be able to track them and locate them immediately. Our tracking device is designed to monitor your 2 to 10-year-old child, typically the age group that does not have a smart phone.

MDP is the first versatile tracking product that even protects user's privacy. It consists of: the battery powered MDP Device, the MDP App for iOS and Android phones, and the MDP server.

The MDP Device and App communicate with each other via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). When the MDP Device and a phone (on which the MDP App runs) are within range (15 meters) of each other, the MDP App tracks the asset and MDP Device goes into idle mode. In order to protect user's privacy, all tracking data remains locally on the phone and is not transmitted to any Backend Serve. However, when the phone is out of range and yet the object that is carrying the MDP Device is moving, the MDP Device turns on its built-in GNSS (GPS) receiver and Cellular Modem, tracks the asset and immediately notifies the user on his/her phone via remote push notification.

MDP Device consists of the following major components:

- Bluetooth Low Energy chip from CSR

- GNSS receiver from Furuno

- Cellular modem from Sierra Wireless

- Atmega processor from Atmel

- Accelerometer sensor

- Temperature sensor

- mini USB connector

- 1500 mAh Li-Ion Battery

- SIM card

- Buzzer

The MDP App allows the user to easily change the type of the asset that is being tracked. Users may also adjust the radius of the geo-fencing circle for receiving alerts.

How about our bikes? We park them outside a coffee shop and by the time we return, they're gone! That's too bad, but no worries! If your bike is equipped with the MDP device (placed under the seat), you would immediately receive an alert on your phone and could track it on map, no matter how far it moves away. The range is unlimited, because the MDP Device comes with built-in GNSS (GPS) and Cellular modem and will find the location of the bike with an accuracy level of meters, anywhere in the world.

Vehicular Heatstroke: Car getting too hot? MDP Device is equipped with a temperature sensor. If interior temperature of the car gets too hot and it hears noise from inside (pet, child, etc.), MDP App immediately delivers warning (via remote push notification) on user's phone, if he/she is not in close proximity of the car. Did you know that 37 children die of #heatstroke in vehicles every year? This is not only sad, but also should not be happening at this age of technology, when we are so connected in every place and at every minute.

How about locating our Quadcopters or UAV? Drones - strictly speaking, ‘multicopters’ - are ubiquitous now. We see them in the news, behind the camera filming aerial footage, and more frequently in parks. There is something thrilling about zooming through the air, controlling the futuristic device from your mobile phone. If you are one of these guys, then I bet you would also love MDP. You can place (or attach) an MDP Device inside your drone to track it in real-time on your phone and obviously locate it with meters level accuracy, if you ever lose it.

Can the MDP Device automatically track and log driving trips? The answer is: Yes. Wouldn't it be nice if we had a product that automatically record our trips and could show where and how long ago the vehicle was parked. Additionally, if someone is foolish enough to attempt to steal it, you will receive alert immediately on your phone and be able to track it on a map. This feature will help you as well as law enforcement get your vehicle back to you in record time - and mete out justice!

World-Wide Coverage: The current version of MDP Device, which is going to be delivered through this campaign, works in at least 88 countries (including the United States, European Union, Russia, Japan, India, South Africa, Australia, and many more). We are getting our cellular data service from Aeris and our modem is 3G (that is also compatible with 2G). To find out if your area is covered, please check this website. On the website, please go to "GSM Data Coverage Map” section and then click on “View Detailed Coverage” button. The only geographical limitation associated with MDP product is the cellular (mobile) network availability. GPS, Bluetooth Low Energy, and MDP Apps all work fine everywhere in the world.

V2V and V2I Communications via MDP: Starting 2017, when cars begin talking with each other on the roads via DSRC-based V2V and V2I wireless communications, MDP (as an off-the-shelf product) will be there to enable such communications for the existing cars, like my Chevy from 2006 that does not have any GPS or connectivity. In fact, there are more than 250M cars in the US alone (and more than one billion in the world); every year about 15M new cars enter the US market, hence just 6% of the total. In 2014, only 10% of these new cars were connected (meaning that had some sort of capability to wirelessly transmit data). Average life of a car is plus 11 year. Thus, it will take at least a couple of decades before majority of the cars being connected and capable of communicating with each other and/or infrastructure.