Nallatech Delivers OpenCL Integrated Platforms for FPGA Accelerated Computing

Platforms Bundled with Server, FPGA Accelerator Card, OpenCL Software Development Kit, and Tools Enable Rapid Production Ramp-Up

CAMARILLO, Calif., - Nallatech, a leading supplier of high-performance FPGA solutions, today announced delivery of its OpenCL integrated platforms for FPGA accelerated computing. Customers can choose from leading vendors' servers and blades bundled with a Nallatech FPGA accelerator card, OpenCL software development kit from Altera, FPGA board support package, and design tools. These integrated platforms enable the growing adoption of OpenCL and energy-efficient FPGA accelerators by dramatically simplifying evaluation and production ramp up.

Nallatech's accelerator cards are available pre-integrated in server and blade platforms from leading vendors including IBM. The bundled solution can be ordered under a single part number that includes a comprehensive warranty for the host platform and FPGA accelerator card. Additionally, Nallatech offers design services to help port and optimize applications on the FPGA hardware.

"This is a breakthrough in the market because users now have access to FPGA acceleration in convenient and cost-effective bundled platforms," said Allan Cantle, president and founder of Nallatech. "Nallatech has done all the work to ensure complete integration and testing with leading vendors' servers and blades. Customers can have peace-of-mind knowing they have a proven solution that can enable them to quickly ramp up production volumes with minimal risk."

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