Need a High Density RF Solution? Check Out SV Microwave's New FeatherMate Connector Line

SV Microwave's new FeatherMate connector series combines ultra-low mating forces with high frequency performance to bring you a revolutionary low cost RF alternative.

The new FeatherMate RF interconnect system from SV Microwave combines a high density (.100" center-to-center spacing) 40+ GHz multiport concept with a zero disengagement force mating mechanism. Direct connection to board trace, solder-free board mounts and small diameter coax cable connectors are a few of the configurations available. Applications include test boards and anywhere a high density, low-force connection is needed. Get more bandwidth and signal density in your application without worrying about destructive demating forces with SV Microwave’s FeatherMate!


- Zero force to disengage

- 50+ GHz frequency range

- .100 center-to-center spacing

- 500+ mating cycles

- Multiple number of port configurations available


- Bench-top testing (PCB mount, cable connectors, and adapters)

- Mil-spec material and plating available

- High density multiports

- Multiple high performance signals in minimal footprint


- Zero disengagement eliminates damage to PCB solder joints

- Contacts directly with PCB trace for optimal performance

- No tooling required to demate high capacity blocks

- Cable to cable option available


- Center to Center Spacing: .100

- Max Operating Frequency: 65 GHz

- VSWR (mated pair): 1.3:1 @ 65 GHz

- Port to Port Isolation: -65 dB

- Engage Force: 5 oz/port

- Dis-engage Force: zero

- Mating Cycles: 500