New TESSY Version V3.2.6 released

TESSY, the tool for automated unit / module / integration testing of embedded software, was released in version V3.2.6.

A main feature of the new TESSY version is the possibility to transfer very conveniently test data from one test object to another. This is very helpful if variants of software shall be tested. The interfaces of the test objects (i.e. the set of all input and output variables together with their types) need not to be identical. TESSY can automatically assign test data for variables of same name and type. Did the name and/or type change the user can accomplish the assignment by using drag&drop very easily. Nevertheless, the data types need to be compatible. (It would make no sense for instance to assign the data of a structure to a pointer.) All in all it is now possible to re-use existing test cases for additional test objects. This makes testing much more efficient.

Those who are interested in TESSY might attend one of the upcoming seminars (Zurich June 10th, Karlsruhe June 16th) and get more insight in the new features of TESSY V3.2.6.

TESSY is available from Hitex GmbH.

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