New MicroAutoBox from dSPACE Delivers More Processing Power and Faster Computation

Wixom, Michigan, June 17, 2010: The new MicroAutoBox II is the next generation of dSPACE's compact rapid prototyping platform for in-vehicle use.

More Processing Power

MicroAutoBox II gives ECU function developers even faster real-time computation of their controller models. This boost to processing power comes from a new processor board equipped with an IBM PowerPC processor running at 900 MHz.

New Flexibility Due to Standard Ethernet Interfaces

In addition, MicroAutoBox II has a new host connection for direct connection to the host PC's Ethernet interface. A further Ethernet interface is for connecting MicroAutoBox II to external devices by standard Ethernet technology. This opens up potential uses in a whole series of new application areas such as driver assistance systems. To develop these systems, embedded PCs are often used for processing video data or controlling analog or digital displays. MicroAutoBox II now offers direct connection to these embedded PCs via an Ethernet bus interface.

Enclosure Even More Robust

MicroAutoBox still has its well-known features such as compact design and passive cooling, and its mechanical robustness is now even stronger.

Even Faster Boot-Up

dSPACE has made the MicroAutoBox's boot times even faster so that in ECU networks, MicroAutoBox II can perform immediate boot-up like a real ECU.

The models and cable harnesses from previous MicroAutoBox applications can still be used. Running the new MicroAutoBox II requires the installation of dSPACE Release 6.6. dSPACE is planning further versions of MicroAutoBox II with additional I/O variants for the end of 2010.

MicroAutoBox in Brief

MicroAutoBox is a compact real-time system for performing fast function prototyping in fullpass and bypass scenarios. MicroAutoBox can be used for many different rapid control prototyping applications, for example, vehicle dynamics, powertrains, body control, x-by-wire applications, and aerospace applications. The MATLAB®/Simulink®/Stateflow® modeling tools are seamlessly integrated into the dSPACE prototyping environment. And with dSPACE's software Real-Time Interface (RTI), the connection between dSPACE hardware and the modeling tool, developers can implement their Simulink® models on the MicroAutoBox automatically without needing programming skills.

About dSPACE

dSPACE develops and distributes tools for the development of electronic control units (ECUs) and mechatronic systems worldwide. Using dSPACE systems, manufacturers of controllers and ECUs are able to dramatically reduce their development times and costs, and systematically increase their productivity.

The company also provides comprehensive services from on-site user training to customer-specific system engineering such as turn-key HIL test systems.

dSPACE has over 800 employees worldwide at its headquarters in Paderborn, at the Project Centers in Munich and Stuttgart, and also in its subsidiaries in China, France, Japan, the UK, and the USA. In addition, numerous distributors provide customer support in other countries.

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