New Touchscreen Monitor Enables the Next Generation of User-Friendly Technology

LWT-101O 10.1 inch widescreen industrial display monitor
LWT-101O 10.1 inch widescreen industrial monitor

FREMONT, CA (September 16, 2016)

The LWT-101O 10.1 inch touchscreen monitor, ’ newest addition to its growing lineup of human-interface products, provides the advanced graphically brilliant and user-resilient features required by the next generation of applications in the medical, pharmaceutical and consumer self-serve fields.

Like all monitors manufactured by Caltron Industries, the LWT-101O is built of industrial-grade materials that stand up even under heavy-duty commercial usage. The durable construction, which also includes a two-millimeter thick metal tray to support the LCD panel, makes the LWT-101O ideal for a range of other applications, including vending machines.

With a 10.1-inch display of outstanding resolution and brightness - up to 300 nits - the LWT 101O is also a particularly good choice for end users who work in conditions of variable light. Viewing angles of 160 degrees, both left to right and top to bottom, make it easy for more than one person to see the screen at one time.

Caltron offers either resistive or five-point projected capacitive touch technology with the LWT-101O. These precision touch-technology options, both of which are supported by , Mac, and Windows, are highly responsive and can be used with precision even when the end user wears medical gloves.

The LWT-101O also features Caltron’s signature open-frame design, which consists of a metal chassis that contains monitor components but no enclosure. The “bare-bones” concept makes for quick and easy incorporation into existing systems, saving time and money for OEM clients and equipment integrators.

Other highlights of the LWT-101O touchscreen monitor:

• High noise immunity. The new Caltron Industries’ monitor is unaffected by loud environments, which can interfere with the functionality of other monitors.

• Additional video and audio inputs can be ordered to augment video graphics array and high-definition multimedia interface inputs that come standard.

• Ventilation slots around the chassis facilitate fast heat dissipation and keeps the monitor constantly cool.

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