NorthTree Associates Announces Representation Agreement for VAUNIX Technology Corporation USB Test Devices

VAUNIX Technology Corporation has named NorthTree Associates as a North American representative of their Lab Brick USB Test Devices.

Vaunix Technology Corporation designs, manufactures, and services RF and microwave test equipment and communications products. With engineering expertise rooted in microwave radio equipment repair and testing, VAUNIX has developed the Lab Brick product family of electronic test equipment, which sets a new standard for cost, size, and simplicity. Powered by USB and controlled by easy-to-use, graphical-user-interface (GUI) software, lab Bricks are designed to meet the needs of engineers and technicians who work either in the lab or in the field.

Test signals at RF and microwave frequencies are required for many measurements, from commercial wireless and industrial applications to defense-electronics systems. Fortunately, Vaunix Technology Corporation has an option that rivals the traditionally large and expensive RF/microwave electronic test equipment. These compact, portable Lab Bricks are as much at home in the field as they are in the laboratory or production line. All Lab Bricks need for control is a laptop or personal computer (PC) with USB interface and the handy graphical-user-interface (GUI) software supplied with each instrument.

Vaunix also provides world-class technical support to cellular infrastructure, electronic networking, and communications companies worldwide. Our services include equipment repair, technical support, tower climbing, hardware consolidation, systems integration, and testing. We provide customer site support and on-call, first-line phone support with 24-hour coverage.

Lab Brick Signal Generators

The LSG and LMS series of Lab Brick Signal Generators provide all the signal-generating capability of a full-sized test signal source without the need for cumbersome rack equipment. Together they cover frequency ranges from 20 MHz – 20 GHz, with high output levels and excellent spectral purity.

Lab Brick Digital Attenuators

The LDA series of Lab Brick Digital Attenuators boast 63 dB of programmable attenuation through 6 GHz, and can be used in the development of low-cost fading simulators for Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) and Single Input Multiple Output (SIMO) communication systems such as WiMAX, 3G and LTE.

Lab Brick RF Switches

The Lab Brick Switch products have a 10 W power handling capability and offer reliable, high isolation, low power and low cost solid state switch products in both single pole double throw (SPDT) and single pole four throw (SP4T) configurations.

Lab Brick USB Hubs

The Lab Brick four-port self-powered USB hubs can provide as much as 1 A current at +5 VDC to each of four devices, simultaneously. The robust design, including a charge-while-sleep mode, makes these hubs ideal for industrial lab bench and audio/visual applications.

Lab Bricks are designed and manufactured in the USA and are housed in durable cast aluminum packages.

Located in Haverhill, MA, Vaunix Technology Corporation designs, manufactures, and services RF, microwave test equipment and communications products.

Established in 2004, NorthTree Associates (Waconia, MN) is a North American distributor that specializes in providing design engineers, test engineers and production engineers the best protocol, bus analysis, and board-level testing and debugging tools available.