Oasis Smart SIM unveils "Helios Embedded", an eSIM solution for all connected devices

Oasis Logo
Oasis Logo

Paris, January 11th, 2016

Oasis Smart SIM, expert in SIM and USIM operating systems, activation and connectivity solutions for consumer devices and IOT, launches “Helios Embedded”, the advanced version of its widely deployed and customer proofed operating system. Helios Operating System (OS) has been adapted to answer the new consumers’ needs and eSIM market trends. It aims at providing secure and configurable network access to billions of connected devices. Deployable on a large range of Secure Element (SE), both removable and soldered, “Helios Embedded” is fully interoperable, follows the GSMA specifications and works along with “EOS Subscription Management”, a remote provisioning server enabling the device to be securely provisioned and managed with multiple mobile network subscriptions.

Olivier Leroux, Oasis’ CEO said: “The Internet of things is a game changer for the mobile communication industry and it is time for the SIM industry to adjust to this new market trend. Billions of additional devices will be connected every year to mobile operators’ networks and we need to deliver secure, reliable and design-effective USIM solutions for these devices. “Helios Embedded” is the answer to the new consumers’ needs because it provides a customer-proof, fully tested solution for an easy and seamless device connection. Strongly committed to embedded SIM technology, Oasis will continue to implement the latest GSMA standards and expand its eUICC offer”.

About Oasis Smart SIM

Oasis Smart SIM provides both end-to-end and customized services to enable the deployment of global USIM technology connectivity and management. Oasis' mission is to embed USIM technology in all connected devices and provide secure services to manage their activation and connectivity. This value proposition is ensured by Oasis offering: a full set of services for embedded and reprogrammable SIM, along with solutions for activation, connectivity and subscription management. Oasis contributes in shaping the globally connected world by combining leading edge USIM technology and disruptive business models in a migrated focus from products and solutions to software and services.