One Shop Wireless to Distribute First Completely Wireless Security System

Product lineup focuses on real estate, property management needs

TAMPA, Fla., April 25, 2012 -- One Shop Wireless, Inc., an exclusive national Business Partner Sales (BPS) Master Agent for T-Mobile USA, is introducing a unique wireless security solution for real estate and property management. The product lineup from CellSign Technologies provides protection for residential and commercial properties without phone lines or Wi-Fi.

"We know that realtors and property managers have concerns about the security of both residential and commercial property. Vacant properties have become a crime hotbed, with millions of dollars lost from the theft of appliances, wiring, aluminum and air conditioners. And, vacant and foreclosed homes are being targeted by criminals for adverse possession," says Gillian Foley, One Shop Wireless' Vice President.

"Whether the issue is theft or vandalism, we can offer 24/7 wireless protection without monitoring fees or installation. All you need is a smart phone or tablet and you can receive texts, pictures or emails from the security device whenever motion is detected. A mobile app for Android phones provides an added level of convenience."

The anywhere, anytime protection is available in four systems to ensure the right fit for the property. All system cameras contain backup lithium batteries and a live audio "listen in" feature:

Portable Security: Perfect for residential realtors, this device combines motion and infrared sensors for advanced protection. Just plug it in and point it at the area you want surveillance for and you're set. If the motion or body heat sensors are tripped, you instantly receive a text message, picture or email on your mobile device - whether you're using one or more sensors. It's an easy way to keep track of buyers at an open house and allows realty teams to receive shared notification with its ability to program up to 10 numbers and 9 emergency numbers.

Mounted Security: If coverage over a greater area is needed, the larger sensor range of the Mounted Security device is the right choice. Your mobile device becomes your remote for accessing real-time audio and images. Receive texts and emails if the security sensors are tripped and control the device via standard text messages.

Fixed Security: When more than one area needs to be protected, such as a real estate office or a commercial site, the Fixed Security system with connections for up to eight cameras provides the solution. With numerous coverage angles in addition to the body heat and motion sensors, a high level of security is achieved with the same mobile communication. The option of adding up to four sensors such as door, gas and smoke sensors or panic buttons add to the system's flexibility.

Zoned Security: With multiple cameras enabling coverage at every angle, the Zoned system can control up to four cameras, making it perfect for property management. Each camera can be angled to survey the key entry point in the home. Not only will you be notified should someone access your property, but up to eight other people can be notified to receive alerts if a sensor is tripped. All device features can be controlled using standard messaging to schedule system arming when leaving the home or office.

"All of the CellSign products utilize T-Mobile networks but work on all phones that are SMS and MMS enabled," adds Foley. "Real estate brokers and property managers have enough challenges today. Security should add stress-free peace of mind and for the first time we can offer just that."

All systems are available through One Shop Wireless at

About One Shop Wireless

Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, One Shop Wireless, Inc. is an exclusive, national Business Partner Sales (BPS) Master Agent for T-Mobile USA. One Shop Wireless' focus is to select the best partners to deliver the best mobility solutions to its clients.

About CellSign Technologies

CellSign Technologies, LLC was founded on the belief that security should go everywhere our customers go. This led to the creation of the first completely wireless security technology available. CellSign devices are portable, wirelessly accessible and easy to use for the home, travel, business and realty.