Onsite Engineering Support: Embedded Systems Hardware, Software and FPGA Design Services

Onsite Engineering Support: Embedded Systems Hardware, Software and FPGA Design Services

iWave offers onsite consulting to meet customer specific development / testing / training / support needs with flexible business models.

The iWave team works very closely alongside the client at client facility to understand the requirements and execute the project using the customer's process and environment, without any compromise on the related IPs.

The onsite activities or onsite services can be Software or Hardware or FPGA, starting from the requirements specification stage to the final integration & validation phase.

Fig: Embedded Systems Onsite Engineering Services

Onsite engineering services team comes with extensive expertise in the following areas:

• Core expertise : Embedded Software design services, FPGA/RTL design services and Board level hardware design services

• Embedded Software engineering design service: Diagnostics, Firmware, OS Porting, BSP, Device Driver, WiFi, Embedded Application

• FPGA / RTL Development & Verification and target testing.

• Board level Hardware, PCB Design, Analysis – SI, Thermal, EMC, etc.

• Very close interaction with the client’s team, facilitating better interaction and faster time-to-market

• Time sharing of the critical target resources and tools

• Dedicate an engineering team, for long term requirements with intermittent needs

• Remote support from iWave expert team, on need basis.

Our Onsite Engineering Services offers clients an in-house resourcing, covering the technical skillsets and expertise needed by client organisation, in a timeframe that matches the requirement of projects. We surpass our customer expectations in delivering the final product.


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