OpenMake Delivers Free Build-to-Release Process-Automation Software for Development Teams

"Mojo" now available as a no-cost download

SANTA CLARA, EclipseCon–March 5, 2007–OpenMake Software, the pioneer of build-to-release software management solutions, today announced that it will provide the process-automation components of its award-winning OpenMake build-to-release management solution as a free Eclipse RCP-based application with an Eclipse plug-in. Process automation is used in the software development industry to automate and manage ad-hoc build-to-release scripts.

OpenMake Mojo, available at no cost starting today, provides the ideal automation solution for development teams seeking software alternatives to BuildForge or anthillpro. Mojo is easily integrated with any production environment, regardless of platform or development language. Release candidate 1 of Mojo can be downloaded at, with general availability scheduled for April 2. Mojo will also include free access to community support forums.

“As a founding member of the Eclipse Foundation, OpenMake continues to be a leading contributor to the Eclipse community,” said Mike Milinkovich, executive director of the Eclipse Foundation. “OpenMake Mojo is a great example of the type of commercial-quality development tools that can be built when using Eclipse as a development platform.”

“Mojo is our way of giving every developer the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of automating processes around their existing build scripts. With a simple download, development teams can get their build processes under control,” said Steve Taylor, CTO of OpenMake Software. “And for those larger enterprise teams that need a comprehensive build-to-release management solution with Build Services and automated dependency analysis, OpenMake will continue to provide a logical path for new and innovate software solutions,” he concluded.

Why Use OpenMake Mojo

Developers code, maintain, manage and orchestrate hundreds of make and Ant scripts to support their build-to-release processes. In an effort to bring some order to the chaos, they look to process-automation solutions that can sit on top of these scripts, create a central place to execute the scripts in a precise order and log results. OpenMake Mojo provides enterprise-level process automation for managing the execution of ad-hoc build, testing and deployment scripts. OpenMake Mojo interoperates with other application lifecycle tools through Adaptors. Adaptors provide out-of-the-box integration with deployment tools for packaging, testing tools for test script execution and SCM tools for check-in, check-out, labeling, Bill-of-Materials reporting and build-difference reporting. Using OpenMake Mojo, a complete application lifecycle process can be defined as a workflow and re-executed by any approved user.

OpenMake Mojo Solves the Automation Problem

Mojo creates an automated process solution allowing diverse teams to centralize build-to-release activities, such as SCM check-out, build script execution, Bill-of-Materials reporting, build-difference reporting and deployment scheduling. It provides centralized access across multiple development projects and development platforms with global reporting and tracking. The following are some of the key OpenMake Mojo product features:

*Automated execution of existing build scripts

*Real-time monitoring and centralized ALM logging

*Build metrics and build-difference reporting

*Adaptors to popular SCM solutions

*Deployment and testing interfaces

*Eclipse plug-in

In addition, OpenMake Mojo is upgradeable to support remote workflow execution using remote build servers, allowing different steps of the workflow to be executed across the enterprise. OpenMake Software generates adaptable and dynamic audit-conforming builds for Java, Visual Studio, Eclipse, IBM RAD, C, C++, C-Unix, Visual Basic and other development languages.

OpenMake Mojo offers script adaptors for integrating with SCM and IDE products such as IBM RAD, IBM ClearQuest, IBM ClearCase, Eclipse, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft .Net, Perforce, MKS Source, AccuRev, CVS, Subversion, Harvest, Dimensions, PVCS and Visual Source Safe solutions.

About OpenMake Software

OpenMake Software, formerly Catalyst Systems Corporation, creates build-to-release software solutions that help its customers bridge the gaps between production and development. With more than 35,000 users worldwide, OpenMake Software has been the leading provider of enterprise build management tools for global 2000 organizations since 1995. OpenMake Software is a member of the Eclipse Foundation. Serena Software, MKS and CA are among their reseller partners.

OpenMake and OpenMake Mojo are trademark or a registered trademark of OpenMake Software. All other trademarks used in this document are the property of their respective owners.