PragmaDev to assign Embedded Tools GmbH as its German distributor

PragmaDev has assigned Embedded Tools as the German distributor of Real Time Developer Studio and MSC Tracer, PragmaDev set of model driven tools for the development of real time and embedded software.

Real Time Developer Studio and MSC Tracer are based on standard graphical representations of traditional concepts used in the real time domain without leaving behind legacy code and years of experience. Real Time Developer Studio can generate full application code out of the graphical model embedding RTOS system primitives.The connection with cross-debuggers allows debug on target in the diagrams and at C level, as well as graphical dynamic traces.

Reinhold Schmid, General Manager of Embedded Tools, commented: "From my point of view, its the only tool on the market which really works well for Modelling and Developing Embedded Systems running on a RTOS. With a wide range of supported RTOS and the extensibility to any other RTOS it can be used by a wide range of customers. It is a perfect extension to our product portfolio and we are very happy that we can present such a great tool to our customers on the german market.".

"We strongly believe a local experimented bureau is the way to address the German market. Because it has decades of experience and because PragmaDev tools perfectly complete its existing portfolio, Embedded Tools is the best choice." said Emmanuel Gaudin CEO for PragmaDev.