PragmaDev introduces ASN.1 support and static code generation in its model driven development tool

PragmaDev launches RTDS V4.1, introducing more than 40 new features making it the most complete model driven development tool dedicated to real time and embedded applications based on international standards.

Real Time Developer Studio offers three levels of modeling: informal, semi-formal, and fully formal. While informal modeling is mainly used for documentation, the most advanced level of modeling allows simulation, prototyping, verification, full code generation, debug on target, and test of the model.

Among the main new features are:

- ASN.1 data types are supported in SDL models,

- Code without any dynamic memory allocation can be generated,

- Built-in C scheduler is available for code generated out of SDL Z.100 systems,

- Code coverage is available when simulating SDL systems,

- New symbol for informal comments in dynamic MSC trace of an SDL-RT system,

- TTCN-3 automatic test suite generation out of an exhaustive simulation done with IF tools,

- Observers can be described graphically when checking the model,

- Built-in PragmaDev License Manager now comes with a graphical tool to analyse license usage,

- Code generation can be done on a stand alone UML system,

- A full document can be created automatically from the model speeding up documentation work.