PragmaDev introduces a free version of its set of tools

This new version comes with almost a 100 new features. Among the main ones are:

- A new freemium licensing model

PragmaDev Studio is now available for free for small projects.

- Automatic non regression testing

The automatic non regression testing feature will automatically re-execute the previous scenarios on the new version of the system. If any discrepency is detected the difference between the expected scenario is graphically displayed. This feature will speed up iterations in an agile process.

- New TTCN-3 editor

As TTCN-3 is a textual language, easy navigation within the declarations will help productivity. The new text editor can easily browse from a test case to a template definition and to the type on which the template is based.

- New widget in the prototyping GUI

A new Text entry widget is introduced in the prototyping GUI. The user can type in a value that can be used to interact with the simulated system. This is a step forward to ease interaction with the simulated system.

- Built in library

A built in library now allows to manipulate files and to generate radar graph from within the Specifier model or the Tester test case.