PragmaDev tool to simulate deployment of connected objects in its latest release

PragmaDev RTDS latest release V4.6 introduces 18 new features making it the most complete model driven development and testing tool dedicated to communicating systems.

Real Time Developer Studio is based on a formal modeling and testing set of technologies allowing simulation, prototyping, verification, full code generation, debug on target, and test generation.

Among the main new features are:

- Deployment simulator

Mobile communication, M2M, and the Internet of Things deploys thousands or millions instances of small systems to build up a system of systems. PragmaDev’s new Deployment simulator aims at verifying such a topology works correctly. The overall scenario describing the interactions of each instance is defined in a CSV textual file. Graphical traces can be obtained on-line or replayed off-line with the ability to step back and forth.

- Internal traceability

The latest release of RTDS can import requirements files. The modeler can keep trace from a requirement to a model and testing will automatically analyze which part of the model it has covered. Therefore the impact analysis is straightforward and it is possible to know which test cases should be run if a requirement is modified. This feature is a must have when dealing with certification.

- Interrupt simulation

In order to simulate an interrupt, RTDS simulator can call a procedure in the middle of a transition, modify the values of the variables of the process and return to the transition execution like an interrupt would do.

This new version is a major step towards certification of models and simulation of systems of systems.