PragmaDev Studio a new generation of modeling and testing tools

New PragmaDev Studio logo
New PragmaDev Studio logo

The main changes are:

- A new organization

PragmaDev Studio is now decomposed in 4 independant modules adressing 4 different needs:

* PragmaDev Specifier,

* PragmaDev Developer,

* PragmaDev Tester,

* PragmaDev Tracer.

PragmaDev Studio gathers all the modules in one consistent environment and offers advanced features and links from one module to the other such as, for example, Model Based Testing where PragmaDev Tester test cases are automatically generated from a PragmaDev Specifier model.

- A new pricing

Since each module can be bought separately the price is substantially lower than buying the whole package. Classical permanent licenses can still be bought but PragmaDev now proposes a flexible subscription monthly fee for each or all of the different modules. This substantially reduces the investment issues a project can face when buying modeling and testing tools.

- Performance analyzer

The new version helps architects to find the best allocation based on performance or energy consumption. Time and consumption information are introduced in the model. The tool will automatically compute a set of target architectures against a set of nominal use cases. Performance analysis results are presented in a radar graph for quick visualization of the results.

- A new ergonomy

All the graphical editors have a new colored look and feel with automatic symbol positioning and and tab completion facility that speeds up the editing of the model.