PragmaDev modeling and testing tools new version can generate a model out of legacy code.

PragmaDev RTDS latest release V4.4 introduces 16 new features making it the most complete model driven development and testing tool dedicated to event driven systems.

Generate a model out of your code
Generate a model out of your code

Real Time Developer Studio offers three levels of modeling and testing: informal, semi-formal, and fully formal. While informal modeling is mainly used for documentation, the most advanced level of modeling allows simulation, prototyping, verification, full code generation, debug on target, and test generation.

Among the main new features are:

- Generation of a graphical model out of legacy code, ideal for the documentation of existing hand written C or C++ code,

- Graphical view of TTCN-3 textual test cases, making it easier to understand the dynamics of the test cases,

- Test manager when simulating TTCN-3 test cases including a log information,

- Code generation templates now includes FreeRTOS.