PrismTech's Vortex OpenSplice Selected by Fujitsu for 1FINITY Networking Platform

Vortex OpenSplice will help enable a data-centric provisioning framework for new Fujitsu product

Boston, MA, USA – September 14, 2015 – PrismTech™, a global leader in software platforms for distributed systems, today announced that Fujitsu has selected Vortex™ OpenSplice™ as its data-centric middleware solution for a new provisioning framework for its revolutionary 1FINITY™ Networking Platform. This new category of network equipment spans access, packet and optical technologies.

The revamped provisioning solution supports the Fujitsu SDN/NFV architecture, building upon open industry standards such as NETCONF and YANG. The vital task of robust data connectivity between platform components is provided by PrismTech’s Vortex OpenSplice, a product proven in numerous business and mission-critical environments in markets such as Aerospace & Defense, Smart Energy, Industrial Automation, Transportation, Healthcare and Telecommunications.

Vortex OpenSplice enables decoupling between interfaces, making the provisioning framework easier to maintain and extend. Loose coupling will help reduce system complexity and make the integration of new components much easier. It will also help enable applications that are portable across products. Fujitsu expects to be able to make more frequent product updates and release new features to market more quickly, something that is key to maintaining market leadership in a highly competitive and fast evolving market.

Once deployed, the new provisioning framework will allow the next generation of network equipment based on the 1FINITY platform to be configured more quickly and easily, with the benefit that providers will be able to provision new services more efficiently, responding to the changing needs of their end users in a much more responsive way.

“PrismTech is proud to be a partner of Fujitsu and supports their agile services network vision. Fujitsu is once again shaping the future of trusted communication networks whilst maintaining the highest standards of development and release management; we are delighted that they have selected PrismTech’s Vortex to be part of their innovative vision,” said Spiros Motsenigos, VP US Sales, PrismTech.

Vortex OpenSplice is a key component of PrismTech’s Vortex Intelligent Data Sharing Platform, a suite of interoperable Internet of Things (IoT) enabling technologies based on the Object Management Group’s (OMG) Data Distribution Service (DDS) for Real-time Systems standard. Vortex provides secure, real-time data connectivity independent of network configuration (LAN or WAN, wired, wireless, mobile) or underlying platform technologies. It can be used by applications to enable seamless data sharing across server, embedded, web, mobile or cloud environments.

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