Quickly and easily navigate through microcontroller development with TI's MSP430Ware software and resource package for MSP430(tm) microcontrollers

New software platform supporting ultra-low-power MSP430 16-bit microcontrollers packages code examples, technical documentation and more in a sleek graphical interface for simplified development

MSP430Ware offers a sleek and intuitive GUI for developers to immediately access and easily filter through all MSP430 microcontroller design resources
MSP430Ware offers a sleek and intuitive GUI for developers to immediately access and easily filter through all MSP430 microcontroller design resources

Providing a comprehensive software ecosystem for simplified microcontroller development, Texas Instruments Incorporated (NYSE: TXN) (TI) today announced the new MSP430Ware software and resource package. MSP430Ware offers a sleek and intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) where developers can immediately access and easily filter through all MSP430 microcontroller design resources by device, tool or software library. With automatic web updates, MSP430Ware ensures developers always have the latest and greatest documentation, code examples, project templates and more. Developers can also take advantage of MSP430Ware’s free software resources in a familiar design setting as part of the Code Composer Studio™ integrated development environment (IDE). For more information, visit www.ti.com/msp430ware-pr-sw.

MSP430Ware features a one-stop-shop for MSP430 microcontroller developers by organizing and presenting existing software tools as well as new resources such as the MSP430 Driver Library. Driver Library allows designers to configure, enable and use MSP430F5xx and MSP430F6xx microcontroller peripherals through an easy-to-understand application programming interface (API) and simple function calls. This abstracted API library eliminates bitwise programming, providing a faster time to market for new and experienced developers. Also packaged within MSP430Ware are project templates for Grace 1.1, the most recent version of the Grace™ software platform, which enables developers to quickly and easily enable and configure MSP430 Value Line and MSP430F2xx device peripherals. Additionally, the MSP430 USB Developer’s Package is also available, which includes all necessary APIs and examples to begin USB development. With MSP430Ware, developers have everything needed to become a MSP430 microcontroller expert.

Key features and benefits of MSP430Ware

• Free collection of all MSP430 microcontroller development resources delivered through Code Composer Studio IDE’s Resource Explorer

• Advanced GUI framework makes it easy for developers to find the resources needed at any time during the development process

• Driver Library includes a detailed API guide for each function call for peripherals such as ADC, DACs, timers, serial communication interfaces and more, allowing developers to start application development quickly on MSP430F5xx/F6xx devices

• Code examples for all MSP430 microcontrollers, GUI-based peripheral configuration tools, RF and USB software resources are packaged together for a seamless learning and development environment

• Automatic web updates offer latest materials, eliminating unnecessary time spent searching for design resources and technical documentation for faster time to market

• Also available as a standalone tool with resources to support other IDEs such as IAR Embedded Workbench for MSP430 devices, a commercial tool chain as well as MSPGCC, a free, open source GCC tool chain for MSP430 devices

Pricing and availability

MSP430Ware is available today and is included in the latest install of Code Composer Studio IDE version 5.1. Download it here. A standalone version is also available for third party IDE support at www.ti.com/msp430ware-pr-sw.

For more information:

• MSP430Ware: www.ti.com/msp430ware-pr-sw

• MSP430Ware video overview: www.ti.com/msp430ware-pr-v

• Grace software platform: www.ti.com/msp430ware-grace-pr-lp

• MSP430 USB Developers Package: www.ti.com/msp430ware-usbdevpack-pr-tf

• RF software tools: www.ti.com/msp430ware-rfstudio-pr-tf

• MSP430 microcontrollers: www.ti.com/msp430ware-msp430-pr-lp

• Make the Switch to TI microcontrollers: www.ti.com/make-the-switch

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