Raspberry Pi Livestream Webcam

The newest Raspberry Pi gadget online this week is a livestream webcam, and element14's Ben Heck, star of the popular YouTube series The Ben Heck Show, is showing you how it's created on the newest episode airing Friday.

The widely popularized Raspberry Pi is a versatile component in any tech and engineer hobbyist’s back pocket. The latest Pi project is a mountable camera that can stream live video feed and be controlled remotely using a chat interface, tilting up and down or side-to-side for a panoramic view.

The Pi Cam, designed by master modder Ben Heck, will be featured on this week’s episode of element14’s The Ben Heck Show, airing this Friday, August 8 at element14.com/tbhs. There viewers can also access a live stream schedule of the Pi Cam for a behind the scenes looks at Ben’s shop.

Here's a trailer with a sneak peek for what to expect: