Saelig Introduces New 3.2GHz Spectrum Analyzers from Rigol

Affordability, performance, and advanced features make these RF analyzers 'must-have' test equipment

DSA832E Spectrum Analyzer by Rigol from Saelig
DSA832E Spectrum Analyzer by Rigol from Saelig

Saelig Company Inc. announces a new entry in the Rigol DSA800 Spectrum Analyzer Series - DSA832E, a high performance, economical, and compact 9kHz to 3.2GHz Spectrum Analyzer. A tracking generator function is available with the “-TG” model. The digital IF circuitry guarantees reliability and performance that meets the most demanding RF applications. The rugged but very affordable DSA832E Spectrum Analyzer has a broad set of features and specs, including a large 8” WVGA color LCD and intuitive front panel controls. Available options include a preamplifier for very small signals, a VSWR measurement toolkit for configuring and evaluating antennas, as well as an advanced measurement kit that enables additional functions such as channel boundaries and signal-to-noise ratio measurements.

• 10Hz Minimum Resolution Bandwidth: with -148dBm Displayed Average Noise Level (DANL) for low-level signal measurements.

• Zero Span Function: allows the signal envelope to be seen when demodulating an AM signal

• Peak Table Function: readout of up to 10 peak Frequency/Amplitude values.

• Low Phase Noise: excellent single sideband phase noise allows nearby small signals to be accurately measured.

• Powerful PC Software: remotely control and setup, read back the data, perform measurements and data analysis; display powerful spectrograms and waterfall graphs.

• EMI Pre-compliance Test Software: quickly locate product problems, enabling them to pass subsequent formal EMC testing.

For Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other RF designs, high performance specs like SSB Phase Noise as low as -90 dBc/Hz (10kHz offset) allow engineers to more accurately analyze modulation and noise issues in signals of interest. Whether debugging an RF transceiver set, designing layout or configuration changes to maximize efficiency, or testing a system in noisy environments, the economical DSA832E Spectrum Analyzer helps to quickly and affordably identify and examine areas of RF concern.

DSA832E Spectrum Analyzers are made by Rigol Technologies, a rapidly growing manufacturer of high quality, high performance and value-priced test equipment. Offered with a remarkable 3-year warranty, DSA832E Series Spectrum Analyzers are available now from Saelig Company, Inc. 1-888-772-3544

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