Sage Electronic Engineering Introduces SageXOS at Intel Developer Forum

New SageXOS embedded operating system fits on four megabytes of flash storage.

Longmont, Colo. – Sage Electronic Engineering, LLC today announced the introduction of SageXOS, an ONIE-compliant operating system for Software Defined Networking (SDN) that fits on four megabytes of flash storage. The company made the announcement at the Intel® Developer Forum 2014 in San Francisco.

Exploiting its own streamlined SageBIOS solution, which requires only 512 kilobytes of embedded memory, Sage engineers combined the ONIE (Open Network Install Environment) industry-standard boot loader with a modern Linux kernel and BusyBox to create SageXOS, which only requires an additional 3.5 megabytes of ROM. As the board requires no external storage to act as an SDN switch, it should create savings in hardware and energy costs for datacenter operations, as well as help reduce heat.

“We will demonstrate the remote provisioning of a board equipped with the SageXOS solution in a simulated datacenter setting during the forum,” said Scott Hoot, president and CEO of Sage. “But this is also a demonstration of the importance of reducing code and boot time for creating cost effective software-defined switches that can be rapidly deployed in a datacenter environment.”

ONIE, which is supported by the Open Compute Project and global networking companies, enables bare-metal installation of software on network switches, giving its users more control over hardware and software choices.

Most Sage solutions are based on coreboot®, an open source firmware designed to replace and improve upon proprietary BIOS systems. Similarly, Hoot said that open standards and architectures, such as ONIE, will also improve and ultimately define networking as computing moves further into SDN environments.

Sage will be demonstrating its new technology in booth 661 at this week’s IDF14 in San Francisco. Demonstrations will occur on an XPedite 7470 board created by Extreme Engineering Solutions, X-ES. Sage will demonstrate the remote provisioning of three separate Linux-based operating systems – Tiny Core, CrunchBang, Edubuntu – from SageXOS.

SageXOS will also be demonstrated on an Intel® Painted Gorge reference board, loading local Linux operating systems, with local boot failure detection and recovery system installed.

About Sage Electronic Engineering

Sage Electronic Engineering, LLC, of Longmont, Colo. (, provides customized Board Support Packages marrying open source (including coreboot®) solutions with proprietary software, creating streamlined boot solutions that also create flexibility in application. Sage partners with processor manufacturers, including Intel®, to provide coreboot solutions for the open source community, as well as developing SageBIOS™ BSPs for customers desiring the flexibility of open source firmware stripped of unnecessary code and backed by rigorously tested solutions.