Scientists Explore Astrophysical Problems with NVIDIA GPUs

Scientists Explore Astrophysical Problems with NVIDIA GPUs

What: AstroGPU 2007

When: Nov 9-10, 2007

Where: Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, NJ

At AstroGPU 2007, NVIDIA will offer a one-day tutorial course on CUDA, the companys C-Compiler for GPU programming. The tutorial will provide attendees with a detailed introduction to CUDA as well as advanced optimization strategies and domain-specific examples useful to astronomers and astrophysicists.

AstroGPU 2007 offers an opportunity for scientists to explore and discuss the applicability of GPUs to astrophysical problems. The two-day workshop brings together astrophysicists and colleagues from other science disciplines, with key industry representatives who will demonstrate, in tutorial sessions, GPU hardware, programming tools and techniques. The workshop will also offer roundtable discussions on high-performance computing, and the importance of GPUs as a computing platform for astrophysics.

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About NVIDIA GPU Computing

NVIDIA CUDA and the NVIDIA Tesla product line are rapidly emerging as a powerful platform for high-performance computing. Designed to solve todays most data-intensive computations, NVIDIA GPU computing solutions utilize a 128-processor multi-threaded architecture to deliver unprecedented performance boosts to applications that are today constrained by conventional processing technologies. Areas such as astronomy, life science, molecular biology, finance and medical diagnostics are already using NVIDIA CUDA together with NVIDIA GPUs because they are able to run simulations anywhere from 45-400 times faster on a single computer as opposed to having to use the shared resource of a server cluster – saving time, money, energy and space. For additional information about NVIDIAs GPU computing technology, visit:[...].

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