Scottish Technology Conference to Explore The Development of Safe and Secure Software

High Availability and Secure Software
High Availability and Secure Software
Uk Embedded Systems Conference
Uk Embedded Systems Conference

Uphall - Embedded computing and realtime software conference discusses the development of safe and secure software for high availability and mission critical systems

The Scottish Device Developers' Conference, taking place at Uphall on 4th June will include a number of workshops and presentations that explore the development of software for computer based systems that require absolute stability and security. Such applications range from banking systems to energy management, and from vehicle electronics to air traffic control systems.

Covering such topics as recent development in operating system architecture and advances in code testing and debugging, the 2015 conference is expected to attract senior development engineers and computer scientists from across Scotland.

"Reliability and security are too very gig issues for software developers at this time," said Richard Blackburn, Conference Manager. "As software becomes evermore complex, and is increasingly connected to the wider Internet, there is far more scope for costly failure or a malicious attack. In this respect, such issues as software architecture, code management and code testing are important considerations in the development of new systems."

The UK Device Developers' Conference is a one-day conference for engineers and computer scientists involved in the development of intelligent systems and devices. It is an event that explores the very latest tools and technologies available and includes a vendor exhibition, half-day technical workshops and a series of informative technical presentations.

Once such workshop is titled "Catch Software Errors Before It’s Too Late for Certification", the workshop will discuss the development and testing of code for industry standards such as DO-178C, IEC 61508 and ISO 26262. The workshop will be presented by Mark Richardson of LDRA, a supplier of software test tools to many of the world's major technology companies.

"Developing software for projects where there may be a 'high cost of failure' can be very stressful," said Mark James, Marketing Manager at LDRA.

"Often there may be millions of lines of code, multi-tasking and making thousands of decisions every second. In addition to this, it can be hard for a software team to anticipate every possible scenario that the system may need to accommodate. To address this challenge, there are now very powerful Debug Tools and equally powerful Software Test Tools. This workshop will explain how the tools are used and how engineers worldwide are benefiting from this technology."

About The Device Developers’ Conference

The Device Developers’ Conference is an annual UK event for the developers of intelligent systems and devices. The 2015 event takes place in May and June, in Reading, Cambridge, Warrington, and Uphall.

Sponsored by a broad range of industry vendors, the exhibition and conference, including a series of 40-minute technical presentations, is free to engineers and project managers working in the technology sector. Half-day workshops in various specialisms are available at a small charge.

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