Seamless Multicore Debug Part Of Development Experience With Newest Sage EDK & SmartProbe(r) Release

The experts in complete boot solutions and software development tools have just released new upgraded versions of their time-saving JTAG probe and IDE graphical interface, bringing greater convenience and attractive features to embedded development.

Sage Electronic Engineering, the custom design and tools provider specializing in open source solutions for the embedded community, has just released upgraded versions of the Sage EDK and the SmartProbe®, premier software development tools that streamline the design process. Release 3.0 improves the developer’s experience thanks to several major updates, most notably the delivery of all target information in one convenient list and support of multicore debugging.

The Sage EDK is an integrated development environment (IDE) that supplies a powerful set of features to facilitate development and debug of x86 platforms. Integrating key design steps into an intuitive graphical interface, the Sage EDK works seamlessly with the SmartProbe®, a sophisticated embedded development JTAG tool, to empower developers through a full system view of the design under development.

Multicore debugging gives developers unprecedented control and visibility into the operation of their entire system when performing debug on multicore systems. The Sage EDK 3.0 is based on Eclipse Kepler, the latest generation of trusted Eclipse™ products, providing improved tracking system capabilities. Developers are now able to accomplish much more than before, including:

Seamless multicore debugging for system firmware and bootloader, including Sage’s coreboot®-based SageBIOS™

Accessing multicore perspectives and more in-depth views

Knowing at a glance when there is a problem with any target

Retrieving more details to identify individual core operations on any target

What’s more, this new release enables developers to access information faster and customize the development environment’s appearance to their personal preferences. With the Sage tools based on the latest version of Eclipse™, developers have access to thousands of open source tools for even greater help with the development process.

These and other features make Sage’s development tools essential keys to design success. There is another important reason that the Sage EDK stands out above the rest: “We are the only IDE solution that has a KConfig tool,” notes Sage tools developer Jason Litton. “Everyone else has been content with allowing configuration on the command line, but we allow you to do it in your IDE. It is faster and easier than trying to do it from the command line and doesn’t require the installation of any special tools beyond the EDK.”

In addition to developing and continually improving the SmartProbe® and the Sage EDK, the company supplies complete, custom-built open source solutions, recently introducing to the embedded world its SageBIOS™ Board Support Packages (BSP). Prior to creating the BSPs, Sage developed SageBIOS™, a comprehensive coreboot® distribution for x86 architectures that boots firmware fast. Among the advantages of tapping into SageBIOS™ is the fact that the source code is made available and there are no royalties or licensing fees to pay.

Sage is committed to providing a full spectrum of products and services that make life easier for the prudent embedded developer and the market-savvy project leader.

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Sage Electronic Engineering,, provides embedded developers with design resources to succeed in open source development. The company offers board support packages (BSPs) to help customers optimize boot code, build better products, and bring them to market faster. Sage helps customers around the globe achieve fully customized open source solutions through SageBIOS™, a coreboot® distribution. Knowing that advanced development tools are critical to design process success, Sage offers the Sage EDK and the SmartProbe® to give developers a complete system view for maximum visibility and control.