SECO introduces the COM Express(tm) Type 6 with the AMD Embedded G-Series SoC J Family (formerly codenamed "Prairie Falcon")

SECO extends its COM Express product portfolio with the introduction of the 3rd Generation AMD Embedded GSeries SoC J Family (formerly codenamed "Prairie Falcon"), on its COMe-A98-CT6 presented at Embedded World 2017.


The COMe-A98-CT6 COM Express™ Compact Type 6 module available with the AMD Embedded G-Series J Family SOCs (“Prairie Falcon”) provides optimized performance-per-watt and cutting-edge multimedia capabilities for a range of mainstream embedded applications. These processors can scale the TDP down to 10W.

The AMD G-Series SOC-I (“Brown Falcon”) and the AMD Embedded 3rd generation R-Series SOC (“Merlin Falcon”) are also available in the array of SoC options on the COMe-A98-CT6. These solutions feature up to 4 Excavator x86 CPU cores with the latest Radeon graphics and I/O Controller on a single Chip; each Processor can scale the TDP down to 15W.

All these SoC offerings available on SECO’s COMe-A98-CT6 are excellent choices for demanding graphical requirements such as in applications like digital signage, kiosks, casino gaming, and many more, where scalable graphics performance make the difference.