SECO's broad range of Intel-based solutions

The increasing complexity of connected machines and the quick development of IoT infrastructures require enhanced processing power and exceptional efficiency, as well as the ability of handling several tasks simultaneously. Believing in the amazing possibilities of the latest generations of Intel processors, SECO manufactures its Intel-based products to fully meet these computational performance and energy efficiency needs, and conforming it to the most innovative and consolidated standard form factors.

New SECO Intel-based solutions
New SECO Intel-based solutions

At the Embedded World Exhibition & Conference 2017, SECO, an Affiliate Member of Intel® ISA (Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance), has introduced a broad range of state-of-theart and fully scalable embedded solutions based on the Intel® Atom™ E39xx family, Intel® Celeron® N3350, and Intel® Pentium® N4200 SoCs, (formerly codenamed Apollo Lake).

From the powerful and versatile Qseven® Rel. 2.1 Q7-B03, to the extremely low power and feature-rich SMARC Rel. 2.0 SM-B69 and the flexible and expandable full industrial x86 embedded NUC™ SBC-B68-eNUC, this wide array of choices, designed by SECO with the Internet of Things in mind, allows customers to choose the solution which best suits their design requirements. All these solutions based on the Intel® Atom™ E39xx family are able to merge high graphics performance with excellent power efficiency, even in extreme temperatures. Also featuring wide connectivity capability and supporting the most popular operating systems, they are particularly suitable for embedded applications such as HMI, digital signage/infotainment, multimedia, visual computing and industrial IoT.

In the COM Express form factor, SECO will showcase the COMe-B09-BT6: a COM Express™ Basic Type 6 module based on the Intel® 6th generation Core™/Xeon® (”Skylake-H”) CPUs, now available also with the 7th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor Family, formerly “Kaby Lake”. This solution features up to 4 Cores + HD 530 or Iris 550 and DDR4 RAM technology. Capable of supporting up to 3 independent displays, it also offers H.265 / HEVC HW Transcoder and resolution up to 4096x2304 @60Hz, 24bpp. For all these reasons it is an excellent solution when high graphics and hyper-threading matter.

Furthermore, SECO is a European exclusive ODM/OEM for Intel® Curie™.

Thanks to a notable experience supporting the Maker Movement, SECO continues to create embedded products with a full range of industrial features that enable the maker world and DIY enthusiasts to bring their proof of concept to mass production through the UDOO family of boards.

The UDOO Team’s latest creation is the UDOO X86, a powerful maker board that couples Intel®’s new-generation Quad Core 64-bit x86 micro-processor with an onboard Intel® Curie™ Arduino™ 101-compatible micro-controller. UDOO X86, “the most powerful maker board ever”, will be showcased at SECO Lab’s booth.

Embedded World participants have also had the chance to discover an innovative and surprising application by SECO’s customer, Jagger & Lewis: the “Smart Dog Collar”. The Smart Dog Collar detects emotions, light, outside temperature and sound signals thanks to a cutting-edge technology consisting of an accelerometer, a gyroscope, a microphone, a magnetometer and at its heart, an Intel® Curie™ chip.

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