SECO's Modular HMIs and Boxed Solutions

Embedded system integration is a key highlight in the SECO's roadmap.

At Embedded World 2017 SECO has presented the new SYS-B08-7, an Embedded Panel with 7” LCD display based on the NXP i.MX 6SoloX Processor. This smart, compact, industrial touch system features a 7” capacitive full-flat multi-touch screen, perfect for IoT. Thanks to the lightweight and easy installation with integrated HW accelerator, this solution is suitable for 24-hr digital signage usage. The SYS-B08-7 low power consumption and fanless system is connectivity-oriented and has Android and Linux ready for quick system deployment. It is ideal for Industrial Automation, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Digital Signage and HMI applications.

SECO’s “Modular HMI” product family also includes its SYS-A62-10, a system that merges the power of the Multicore NXP i.MX6 SoC family (Quad, DualLite and Solo) with the practicality and flexibility of a 10.1” LCD display with P-Cap (Projected-Capacitive touch) technology and glass cover. The display features a 1280 (RGB) x 800 resolution and stands out for its extended endurance: up to 30K hours. The SYS-A62-10 is not just a stand-alone panel PC: thanks to its high level of integration and modular approach, it can be easily integrated in customers’ devices and machinery fulfilling a broad range of demanding applications, like: Vending Machines, Industrial HMI (Human-Machine Interface), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), as well as POS (Point of Sale), Infotainment and Digital Signage. The SYS-A62-10 comes pre-installed with Linux, and an optional Windows Embedded Compact 7 BSP is available as well.

SECO’s SYS-A62-GW gateway is another integrated solution showcased at Embedded World exhibition. In today's modern embedded world and Industry 4.0 environment, the real challenge for businesses consists in making sense of “big data” and turning it into real value. This is essential not only for strategic or business analytics, but also for competitive automated intelligence, highly relevant to processes in production, monitoring, control, and optimization. With this in mind, SECO developed its industrial IoT gateway solution SYS-A62-GW based on the NXP i.MX6 Single Core Processor to fully meet the flexibility and security needs of modern IoT designs, making it easier to collect smart data from the real world through the cloud for a broad variety of IoT applications. Available in two different configurations, the SYS-A62-GW offers wide connectivity providing numerous interfaces and I/Os such as Wi-Fi connection, LAN connections, digital peripherals, serial and field protocols and A/D inputs to integrate with the most common industrial protocols for data aggregation, real time analysis, on-board processing, encryption and data transfer to the cloud on Linux.