SecureRF Announces Machine-to-Machine Security Solutions: Microcontroller and embedded solutions to address authentication and anti-counterfeiting

SecureRF Corporation, a leading provider of embedded security solutions, announced today the availability of SecureM2M(tm), a security software development kit (SDK) that provides strong authentication and data protection solutions for low-resource platforms such as microcontrollers.

SecureRF Corporation, a leading provider of embedded security solutions, announced today the availability of SecureM2M (TM), a security software development kit (SDK) that provides strong authentication and data protection solutions for low-resource platforms such as microcontrollers and integrated circuits. The SDK will allow partners and customers to design custom security protocols to provide digital credentials and automated authentication processes for devices that are able to interact over public networks.

One of the first solutions designed using SecureM2M was created by SecureRF consultants for a world-leading microcontroller company to address anti-counterfeiting in the medical device market. Consumer and mobile products, energy and utility companies, and the defense industry are additional markets now evaluating the features available in this SDK.

“As machine to machine (M2M) communications become more sophisticated and commonplace, this area is an increasingly tempting target for hackers and terrorists.” said Louis Parks, SecureRF’s CEO. “Our SecureM2M Toolkit provides developers and engineers with a flexible method to implement custom security functions in embedded platforms, microcontrollers, FPGAs and other integrated circuits.”

In a recently released report from The Center for Strategic and International Studies, titled Securing Cyberspace for the 44th Presidency, the need for this type of security was strongly emphasized. “The United States should make strong authentication of identity, based on robust in-person proofing and thorough verification of devices, a mandatory requirement for critical cyber infrastructures (ICT, energy, finance, government services).” The SDK announced by SecureRF today provides all of the necessary tools to address these critical requirements.

Solutions developed with SecureM2M can provide:

- Usage control to ensure that a device works in the prescribed way.

- Anti-cloning to accept only authorized peripherals or components via authentication.

- Condition and exception monitoring using sensors.

- Secure “on-device” tracking of distribution, warranty work, and maintenance records.

The company’s solutions come from SecureRF’s team of leading mathematician/cryptographers who have developed the world’s first linear-in-time cryptography method known as the Algebraic Eraser (TM). This breakthrough is able to deliver both symmetric and asymmetric cryptographic solutions that are thousands of times smaller and faster than any other cryptographic technologies currently available. The resulting protocols, which can provide authentication and data protection functions, are small enough to fit on resource constrained devices such as RFID tags, SmartCards, microcontrollers, and in wireless sensor networks. The company will be focusing its initial pilot on M2M authentication for the medical device field. Other areas of interest include aviation, the nation’s power grid, the automotive sector, and consumer electronic devices.

SecureRF’s SecureM2M toolkit has the ability to run as software on low resource 8-bit platforms. The software toolkit is being released with object code for the x86 family, both Linux and Windows. Future versions will be offered in Java and other ports. The SDK cryptographic functions include Encrypt/Decrypt, Key Exchange, Sign/Verify, Hash and a pseudo random number generator (PRNG). The SDK is priced at $1,995 for developers and will be available for shipment by March 15th. A free 30 day trial is also available. Pricing for licensing is available upon request. Orders can be place by calling the SecureRF sales department at 203-227-3151 ext. 2 or at

In addition to its work in the M2M field, SecureRF has received a National Science Foundation grant to develop a secure supply chain solution for the pharmaceutical industry and last year received a grant from the US Air Force to develop a secure global RFID tag solution for use by both land-based and satellite reader systems.

About SecureRF

SecureRF Corporation provides secure embedded and radio frequency identification (RFID) solutions for high value asset tracking, monitoring and anti-counterfeiting applications in the pharmaceutical, food, defense, homeland security and other sectors. The company’s technology, based on a breakthrough in cryptography that is lightweight yet highly secure, provides authentication and data protection security for embedded systems, RFID tags and other low resource devices. SecureRF’s LIME Tag™ is a secure, battery-assisted, passive RFID tag, which meets both EPCglobal and ISO standards, with optional sensors that provide cold chain management functionality. SecureRF solutions can also be licensed as a software toolkit, a core, or a chip, addressing a wide range of applications and environments. More information about SecureRF can be found on its Web site at SecureRF’s insights into RFID Security can be found on its blog at SecureRF is a Renesas Alliance Partner for the America and European regions.

SecureRF’s cryptographic products are subject to United States export control laws.

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