Sigfox, Kudelski partner on secure IoT connectivity

PHOENIX, AZ – Sigfox has partnered with the Kudelski Group to provide its partners with access to the Kudelski Group’s IoT Security Center of Excellence, an industry security lab that provides security design and assessment services for devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT). The collaboration will provide the basis for the deployment of low-power, wide-area network (LP-WAN) solutions based on Sigfox that have been gap tested using Kudelski’s IoT Security Posture Improvement services to deliver adequate security controls capable of defending against advanced threats. The partnership applies to silicon vendors, device makers, and design houses alike.

“It is increasingly important to consider and plan security architecture at the very beginning of design and development of an IoT solution,” says Laetitia Jay, chief marketing officer at Sigfox. “From day one, Sigfox’s core architecture has been secure by design. Our partners and customers will now benefit from the strategic partnership with the Kudelski Group to build and run secure end-to-end IoT applications.”

More information about Kudelski Group’s IoT Security Center of Excellence can be accessed at