Simulate Embedded Software Directly on PC at Start of Development Cycle with SystemDesk 2.0

Detroit (Wixom), Dec. 2, 2008: The newest version of the system architecture software by dSPACE has a major new innovation – a simulation module.

SystemDesk version 2.0 lets users model and simulate software architectures and systems directly on a PC, so software functions can be tested and verified at the early stage of the development process.

Simulation on a PC

Graphic modeling in SystemDesk makes the development of complex electronic control unit (ECU) systems much easier. For automotive OEMs and Tier Ones who are pursuing AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) com-pliant development, SystemDesk 2.0 supports both of the newest AUTOSAR re-leases: 2.1 and 3.0.

Simulation can now be used to test software behavior. Users cannot only simu-late individual software components, but also verify the interaction of all software components, even in large-scale ECU networks. The measurement data is dis-played graphically to make it easier to detect errors. Errors can also be inserted in order to test the ECUs’ response to failures.

Bus Communication

The connections between ECUs play an important role in modeling distributed systems. The hardware topology can be modeled in SystemDesk, and descrip-tions of the network communication can be used with SystemDesk. The com-munication matrixes for the CAN and LIN bus protocols can be imported (in DBC or LDF format) as before; and as a new feature, also the FIBEX format for de-scribing the FlexRay communication matrix.

SystemDesk simulation also includes the bus communication, so if a CAN bus is used, for example, its arbitration, transmission errors, transfer times, and bus loads can be tested as early as possible.