Simulating Exhaust Systems

Efficient development and testing of controllers for modern diesel exhaust after-treatment systems with dSPACE ASM Diesel Exhaust

Wixom, Michigan, July 7, 2010: The limits for nitrates in diesel engine emissions defined by international standards such as EPA 2010 TIER IV (from the USA's Environmental Protection Agency) and EURO 6 (in the European Union) are becoming increasingly strict.

Compliance with these tougher limits is not possible without electronically controlled catalytic converters. Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems that use urea injection (with Diesel Exhaust Fluid) are an especially effective solution. Simulating the control algorithms plays a vital role in the development of these systems.

The dSPACE ASM Diesel Exhaust Model, one of the Automotive Simulation Models (ASMs), provides a complete virtual diesel exhaust aftertreatment system. In addition to the submodel for urea injection (the SCR system), it includes further submodels for a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and a diesel particle filter (DPF). The simulation model can be used throughout the development process, from controller design in Simulink® to ECU testing on a dSPACE simulator.

A special feature of the model is that users have complete access to all its Simulink blocks. They profit from being able to view the modeled functions and adapt them to specific requirements themselves. The exhaust model's individual components (DOC, DPF, SCR) can be combined in different ways and optimally configured for the aftertreatment system under test.

The model can be used to represent the essential physical and chemical processes in modern aftertreatment systems: urea decomposition for catalytic reduction, fuel post-injections for catalytic oxidation, soot particle filtering and DPF regeneration. It contains Diesel Exhaust Fluid dosing systems with and without air supply and simulates temperature, pressure and lambda sensors.

dSPACE’s ASM Diesel Exhaust Model provides everything necessary for efficiently developing and testing controllers for modern diesel exhaust aftertreatment systems.

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