SolidRun’s iMX6 MicroSoM updated for IoT applications

TEL AVIV, Israel. SolidRun has updated the NXP i.MX6-based 47mm x 30 mm MicroSoM module to offer several features previously reserved for the carrier board, including memory, power management, and storage subsystems; flash memory (eMMC and/or SPI NOR); FlexCan; multiple UART interfaces for supporting RS-232 and RS-485; as well as options for industrial-grade Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (based on the Texas Instruments WiLink 8). The new version is backwards compatible with previous versions and can be used in fanless applications.

SolidRun’s i.MX6 MicroSoM offers ARM Cortex-A9 processors ranging from single core to quad core, running up to 1.2GHz.

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