SV Microwave releases Application Note for the SMP, SMPM & SMPS connector series

SV\'s New SMP, SMPM & SMPS Application Note
SV\'s New SMP, SMPM & SMPS Application Note

Check out SV Microwave's RFfortless blindmate SMP, SMPM & SMPS connector series.

SV Microwave offers a complete line of SMP, SMPM & SMPS bullet connectors at high frequencies up to DC to 100 GHz. Directly compatible with the GPO, GPPO & G3PO interfaces, these lines were developed to meet the need for a high frequency compact design that incorporated ease of use and functionality.

• SMP series connectors = up to 40 GHz

• SMPM series connectors = up to 65 GHz

• SMPS series connectors = up to 100 GHz