Tanner EDA's Customer, Proteus Biomedical, Receives Prestigious Award, Uses Tanner EDA's Design Software for Intelligent Medicine Applications

Tanner EDA, the world leader in PC-based analog and mixed-signal (A/MS) and MEMS circuit design tools

Monrovia, California, April 1, 2009--Tanner EDA, the world leader in PC-based analog and mixed-signal (A/MS) and MEMS circuit design tools, announced today that its customer Proteus Biomedical, Inc., a pioneer in intelligent medicine, has been using Tanner EDA tools for its CMOS and MEMS design applications to develop micro-scale implanted devices, protective layers for active electronic, and ingestible event markers. Proteus embeds computers and sensors into proven therapeutic products, drugs and devices and recently was honored with the 2009 Technology Pioneer Award by the World Economic Forum.

Proteus takes an existing therapy like a pacemaker and improves its performance by personalizing it to match the patient’s circumstances. Proteus ChipSkin technology protects extremely small active electronics inside the body, and transforms any implant, such as a cardiac pacemaker lead, into a networked computer. This allows the physician to increase the number of pacing options in the heart, and to switch the energy electronically among multiple electrodes, keeping it focused on cardiac tissue and away from the nervous system.

Another area of Proteus’ business is in personalizing pharmaceutical therapies. Symptomatic heart failure patients, for example, must take multiple drugs daily to maintain quality of life, but not all patients adhere to their prescribed regimen. Proteus’ Raisin™ System is a chip on a pill that, when ingested, broadcasts a code unique to the drug. A person can understand how their body is responding to medications and can share that information with their physician to improve management of chronic diseases. A video interview with Proteus CEO Andrew Thompson is available on the Proteus Biomedical website and on the World Economic Forum’s YouTube page.

“What I liked most about Tanner EDA software is that I could start designing circuits immediately without asking any questions,” said Mark Zdeblick, chief technology officer and co-founder, Proteus. “The design kits contained examples of the transistors and circuits we needed to become productive very quickly. There was almost no need for instructions.”

Dan Hamon, General Manager of Tanner EDA, remarked, “Proteus Biomedical is an important customer. The work that they do is life-changing technology that impacts business and society. Needless to say, we are proud to have Tanner EDA software play a key role in developing their award-winning intelligent medicine applications.”

In February, Tanner EDA announced that the company has been in the EDA market for 20 years, and that it has shipped 25,000 licenses of its PC-based electronic design software to 4,000 customers in 67 countries.

About Proteus Biomedical

Proteus Biomedical is pioneering intelligent medicine, an emerging field of advanced therapeutics that integrates in-body computer, sensor and communications technologies into existing medical device and pharmaceutical products. Proteus’s proprietary computing and sensing technologies enable proven therapies to be personalized, offering broad potential benefits across a range of care settings and therapeutic areas including cardiovascular, psychiatric, metabolic and neurologic disorders. The company’s first products, novel pacing and sensor-enabled devices for Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy, are in development in collaboration with world leaders in cardiovascular implantable devices.

More information about Proteus Biomedical can be found at www.proteusbiomed.com.

About Tanner EDA

Tanner EDA is a leading provider of PC-based electronic design automation (EDA) software solutions for the design, layout and verification of analog and mixed-signal ICs and MEMS. Its solutions help speed designs from concept to silicon and are used by thousands of companies to develop devices cost-effectively in the biomedical, consumer electronics, next-generation wireless, imaging, power management and RF market segments. Founded in 1988, Tanner EDA is a division of privately held Tanner Research, Inc.

For more information on Tanner EDA products, visit www.tannereda.com.


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Angela Strand, Proteus Biomedical, +1 415 902 3762, Astrand@proteusbiomed.com


A/MS: Analog and Mixed Signal

EDA: Electronic Design Automation

PC: Personal Computer

MEMS: Microelectromechanical Systems

RF: Radio Frequency

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