TE Connectivity Introduces Three New Connectors To Its Economy Power 2.5 Series

Application Tooling Features, Wire-to-Wire and Wire-to-Board Connectors Offer Complete Customer Solution

TE Connectivity (TE) today announced three new product additions to its successful Economy Power 2.5 (EP 2.5) connector series. The latest products extend the connector series to include single and double row wire-to-wire connectors, as well as dual row wire-to-board connectors. Application tooling, both automatic and semi-automatic, is offered to provide a complete customer solution by eliminating the need for customers to develop their own tooling device.

“As end products become more and more complex, and time to market is shortened, manufacturers need connector solutions that provide flexibility in both design and manufacturing processes to remain competitive and be ahead of the innovation curve,” saidDenise Quinnette, global power and signal interconnects product director, TE Appliances. “These latest releases for the TE EP 2.5 product line achieve great improvements in connector performance so manufacturers of home appliances, including refrigerators, dishwashing machines and air-conditioning units, can remain at the cutting edge of innovation.”

Based on a 2.5 mm (0.098” pitch) centerline, the three new products – namely dual row wire-to-board connectors, dual row wire-to-wire connectors and single row wire-to-wire connectors – all share the features of TE’s existing EP 2.5 products including high-efficiency plug housings, contacts, headers and terminal position assurance (TPA) devices.

Additional features for TE’s EP 2.5 connector product line include:

· Positive audible external locking latch that helps ensure complete system mating

· Polarization tabs that prevent mis-mating with corresponding header

· Anti-snag feature which prevents wire from snagging onto the latch

· Asymmetrical shape that ensures proper attachment (terminals can only be loaded one way in the housing cavity)

All TE EP 2.5 product variations are available in versions compliant with glow wire requirements per IEC 60335-1. For more information, please visit www.te.com/products/EP-PR.

About Te Connectivity

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