Technical Illusions takes augmented reality system to Kickstarter

WOODINVILLE, WA. Startup Technologic Illusions has announced the official launch of a Kickstarter campaign for its castAR projected augmented reality system, prototypes of which were unveiled earlier this year at the 2013 Maker Faire.

The castAR system is composed of active shutter glasses outfitted with a mini camera and two microprojectors with 120 Hz refresh rates, which work to project stereoscopic 3D images onto a retro-reflective surface positioned comfortably away from the user. The mini camera then tracks infrared ID markers (also up to 120 Hz) on the surface to determine the user’s physical position and orientation, allowing the castAR software to respond with realistic holographic representations on the retro-reflective screen in 720p resolution. The system also includes a “magic wand” that operates as both a joystick and 3D input device to facilitate interaction with the virtual space.

The ~100 gram shutter glasses use an HDMI interface for video, while the low-latency camera (with 120 Hz tracking capability) connects to a PC via USB. To-date, castAR prototypes have used an FPGA to perform localized image processing on the glasses unit, but to-market products will exchange the FPGA for an ASIC chip to reduce power consumption. When used with mobile devices, the castAR system will have a negligible impact on battery life, and Technical Illusions is currently experimenting with communications options to interface with portables.

The castAR system also offers several software development options, including an SDK for accessing tracking data and rendering matrixes, and unity integration for creating GameObjects.

To contribute to castAR Kickstarter campaign, visit There, you can learn more details about the castAR system and find out how to get early castAR product releases. For more information on Technical Illusions, visit