TenAsys Announces the eVM Platform for Windows, a Multi-OS Virtualization Manager for Multi-Core Processors

TenAsys Corp. announced at the Embedded Systems Conference a breakthrough in the application of virtualization technology for real-time, mission-critical systems.

TenAsys Corp. (www.tenasys.com), a leading provider of real-time OS and virtualization software technology, today announced at the Embedded Systems Conference a breakthrough in the application of virtualization technology for real-time, mission-critical systems. TenAsys new eVM™ platform is a virtual machine manager that simultaneously hosts embedded and real-time operating systems (RTOS) along with the Microsoft® Windows® general-purpose operating system (GPOS) on a single hardware platform using multi-core Intel® processors. eVM software partitions hardware resources and provides standard communications channels between the embedded RTOS guest and Windows, while isolating the two environments so that real-time determinism and the feature rich OS desktop experience are fully maintained.

Key to making the eVM system work is Intel® Virtualization Technology (Intel® VT), a set of hardware-assisted features first introduced in the Intel® Core™ microarchitecture to improve virtual machine monitor (VMM) functionality. Intel VT is available on a wide range of Intels multi-core product offerings, including many of the popular Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processors designed for embedded computing.

The eVM virtualization system lets multiple operating systems share a single hardware platform without conflict, by partitioning hardware resources, such as CPU cores, I/O, RAM and interrupts. By combining their existing embedded applications with Windows, on a single Intel processor-based computer, system OEMs can achieve significant manufacturing cost savings and redeploy existing real-time and embedded IA based applications without costly or risky porting expense.

“eVM software enables a proprietary or legacy OS, its applications and native device drivers, such as those running on VxWorks, Linux, or QNX, to be hosted on one core of a multi-core processor, while a GUI and other Windows services run on the other core(s),” said Kim Hartman, TenAsys VP of Marketing and Sales. “This allows intellectual property investments to be preserved with near native performance, while enabling OEM system developers to take advantage of all the latest Intel processors and Windows resources.”

“Decreasing system level platform costs and increasing processor utilization are both key benefits of Intel® Virtualization Technology,” said Jim St. Leger, technology marketing manager for Intels Embedded and Communications Group. “TenAsys new eVM platform can help developers to utilize Intel Virtualization technology for embedded applications.”

eVM technology is based on TenAsys real-time virtualization expertise, which enables Windows to run with 100% native performance, a level of performance that other virtualization solutions cannot deliver. The eVM platform is being demonstrated on the ESC exhibition floor running Windows Vista® and numerous embedded RTOSes in the TenAsys booth, stand #1430, and in the ESC Disruption Zone, booth #3069A.

The eVM v1.0 software product cost is $995 USD, with OEM redistribution incorporation fees less than $50 per system (in quantities of 1000). The software will be delivered to select customers this spring, with general commercial availability scheduled for fall of 2008.

About TenAsys

TenAsys, headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, delivers real-time technology based on the embedded Intel Architecture (x86 processors), Microsoft Windows operating system, and Visual Studio development environment. Since 1990, customers worldwide have entrusted TenAsys RTOS products and virtualization expertise to provide reliable deterministic control of their x86 embedded computers in a wide array of mission critical applications including: medical, telecom, industrial control, robotics, test & measurement, and military applications. The TenAsys INtime® RTOS for Windows, introduced in 1997, has since become the leading RTOS for the application of real-time on Microsoft Windows platforms.

TenAsys is a third year Affiliate Member of the Intel® Embedded and Communications Alliance, a community of embedded and communications developers and solution providers, and a six year gold-level member of the Microsoft Windows Embedded Partner program.

To learn more about TenAsys, our customers, and our products please visit www.tenasys.com.