TeraVM and EnterpriseWeb Showcase Secure BYOD Management at VMWorld 2014

Live demonstration of modelling and provisioning of virtual security functions and policies for robust and reliable 'Bring Your Own Device' infrastructure

STEVENAGE, UK and SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — Aeroflex Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Aeroflex Holding Corp. (NYSE:ARX), and EnterpriseWeb, an application platform for agile and scalable software solutions, are jointly demonstrating dynamic policy enforcement for secure and robust Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) management. At VMworld in San Francisco, August 24 ‑ 28, 2014, Aeroflex’s TeraVM and EnterpriseWeb will be shown working together, enabling enterprise network infrastructures to be extended in a cost efficient and scalable manner to facilitate BYOD.

“To cope with the explosion in the number and diversity of devices, BYOD management requires a far more dynamic and flexible approach to security. For such operations to scale it requires an event-driven security model where requests for virtual network infrastructure are regulated in real-time by policies that can be centrally defined and monitored,” said Dave Duggal, Founder and Managing Director of EnterpriseWeb. “Aeroflex’s TeraVM enables EnterpriseWeb to make security decisions based on its assessments of the available virtual security gateways, to drive BYOD policy enforcement.”

“EnterpriseWeb’s approach to service and application modelling is greatly simplifying how the enterprise can quickly turn a cloud-managed platform into a fully validated, robust, reliable, and secure BYOD service,” said Mark Lambe, product manager, TeraVM at Aeroflex. “It enables a common security policy configuration to be applied to any one of the number of security access gateways available today. This unique approach further enables the enterprise to easily adopt its security needs and—by using TeraVM—validate that the cloud-managed platform delivers the required robust and reliable BYOD service in a secure manner.”

TeraVM is a virtualized network and service validation solution that can be orchestrated on to the cloud platform using management and orchestration tools such as vCenter or OpenStack cloud operating system. TeraVM enables advanced virtual network and application performance validation on a per flow basis. TeraVM supports a range of third-party VPN clients. For more details see - ats.aeroflex.com/virtualized-ip-test-solutions/[...]


For more information, contact your local Aeroflex sales office by visiting or calling Aeroflex Sales at (800) 835-2352 [US], +44 (0)1438 742200 [UK] or info-test@aeroflex.com.

About Enterprise Web

EnterpriseWeb® is an award-winning platform for agile and scalable software solutions. The application platform supports dynamic, data-driven, and policy-controlled automation for ‘smart’ human, system and infrastructure processes. For more information, visit enterpriseweb.com/

About TeraVM

TeraVM™ helps service providers and network equipment manufacturers load, analyze, develop, and validate the performance and capabilities of a wide variety of network and security devices including VPN/Firewall, vSwitch, DPI or IPS/IDS, vLoad Balancer, and video infrastructure. Additionally, TeraVM provides highly realistic and very high load traffic generation and analysis from 1 Gigabit to 1 Terabit of fully stateful data application traffic, with comprehensive measurement and performance analysis on each and every application flow to easily pinpoint and isolate problems. TeraVM is a brand name of Shenick Network Systems, which was acquired by Aeroflex in February 2014.

About Aeroflex

Aeroflex Holding Corp. is a leading global provider of high performance microelectronic components, and test and measurement equipment used by companies in the space, avionics, defense, commercial wireless communications, medical and other markets.