Texplained to publish world's 1st IC/microchip security reports

In the initial phase of the launch, Texplained’s store at www.texplained-store.com offers:

1. Images of microchips and digital cores at different magnifications. These images include chip overviews plus optical and electronic scans of each and every layer of the hardware. Devices that Texplained will photograph include microcontrollers, microprocessors, SoCs and .

This will be followed shortly by:

2. Architectural reports. These in-depth reports cover aspects from the “Chip ID” describing the physical characteristics of the ICs to complete function mapping and Standard Cell Library reviews providing different levels of analysis of hardware architecture and implementation.

At the end of 2017, Texplained will publish:

3. Analysis reports. Texplained’s deep knowledge of cores and hardware enables it to forensically evaluate the level of security of ICs against piracy and counterfeiting. The Analysis reports will assess the effectiveness of different types of obfuscation such as shields, content protection memory access and rights, memory encryption and data bus security, which are embedded in the chipsets.

The company will review every major IC on the market to create a library of detailed information and analysis about IC hardware manufactured by companies such as Altera, Atmel, Infineon, Microchip, Microsemi, NXP, ST Microelectronics and Xilinx. Comparing components and ranking them against others will provide valuable benchmarked information and third-party expert opinion to all players in the semiconductor industry. These players include manufacturers, systems integrators that integrate ICs/microchips into their products as well as researchers in the field of semiconductor or digital security.

Clarisse Ginet, CEO at Texplained says “Our new IC reports will be game changers in the semiconductor industry. They will give semiconductor designers, manufacturers and systems integrators additional knowledge with which to maximise revenues from their microchips and deeper insight into their security levels relative to others on the market. Researchers will have the information to conduct quicker and more in-depth analyses.”

Chip designers will benefit from a clear third-party external assessment of their own hardware products. They will also gain a greater understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of their competitors’ ICs.

From the information provided in Texplained’s reports, systems integrators will be able to make informed decisions about which IC technology to select for their specific applications, to deliver the right level of security at the right price.

In parallel to the reports, Texplained will continue to provide tailored services to its customers such as the dedicated analysis of ICs, IP infringement investigation, research into hardware backdoors and support in the early stages of IC architecture and design to help its customers achieve “security by design” for their ICs.

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