The Fedora project includes support for Raspberry 2 and 3 single board computers now

The Fedora project team announced the addition of support for Raspberry 2 and 3 systems today.

Peter Robinson, project leader, said: "The most feedback we have received over the last few years has been our support for Raspberry equipment, and we have already done a lot of work." Early adopters have long noted Fedora 24 support for raspberry pie , But all aspects of the system was not perfect so there is no formal release.In order to enhance the usability of the details we need to debug and modify.

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Starting today, Raspberry 2 and 3 single board computers can be installed using the Fedora 25 Beta system, but need to pay attention to is not yet supported Raspberry 3 WiFi and Bluetooth technology, but in the next month (2016 11 15) will be fixed in the final release.

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