Tibbits + Tibbo Project PCB + Tibbo Project Box = Your Unique Automation Device

Take what you need, leave out what you don’t! This is the slogan for the new Tibbo Project System (TPS) featuring Tibbit™ I/O modules.

Traditional approach to satisfying varying needs of automation projects was in offering long lists of product models… Four relays and eight inputs. Six relays and six inputs. Eight relays, 2 inputs, and a serial port, etc. The list goes on and on, yet may still fail to offer a product that will fit the customer’s needs exactly. Realizing that no two automation projects are alike, we at Tibbo chose to walk a different path.

First, We Created Tibbits™

Tibbits (as in "Tibbo Bits") are blocks of prepackaged I/O functionality housed in color-coded plastic shells. Want an ADC? There is a Tibbit for this. 5V power supply? Got that! RS232/422/485 port? PoE? PWM? We have these, and many other Tibbits, too. Tibbits are divided into Tibbit modules and Tibbit connectors.

Next, We Made BASIC-programmable Tibbo Project PCBs (TPPs)

Each TPP can accommodate multiple Tibbit modules and connectors. Only bare essentials are provided on each boards: There is a CPU, an Ethernet port, and a very simple power supply. The rest of the board’s functionality is defined by what Tibbits you plug in. There are several TPP “sizes” that differ in the number of Tibbits they can accommodate.

As most Tibbo products, TPPs are programmable in a language called Tibbo BASIC. This easy to learn programming language is particularly suited for control, automation, and networking applications. Tibbo BASIC is complemented by a rich set of programming objects. There are objects for socket (TCP, UDP, HTTP) and serial communications, Wi-Fi, GPRS, file data storage, LCD and keypad control, and many other functions.

Tibbo BASIC applications are created using our free Tibbo IDE software (TIDE). This software features a built-in debugger allowing you to upload your Tibbo BASIC application onto the TPP board and cross-debug it through the Ethernet LAN without the aid of any special debugging hardware (such as a JTAG board or an ICE machine).

We Continued With Tibbo Project Box (TPB) Enclosure Kits

Not merely an enclosure for your TPP and Tibbits, a Tibbo Project Box adds an aesthetic touch to your automation projects. The top and bottom walls of an assembled Project Box are formed by two rows of connector Tibbits installed on a TPP.

The front cover of the Box is made of translucent plastic that allows you to see the status LEDs of Tibbit modules installed inside. The front panel also accommodates paper inserts similar to those found on office telephones. The inserts are meant for marking wires and ports of your TPS-based automation device.

We Topped it All Off With an Online Project Configurator

To aid our users in the evaluation and creation of TPS-based automation products we designed an online configurator. Name your project, select the TPP board, place required Tibbits, and the Configurator will notify you of potential problems and even calculate the projected power consumption. Validated configurations can be immediately ordered at our online store and optionally shared with Tibbo user community.

Useful links:

Tibbo Project System information: tibbo.com/tps

Access to Online Configurator: tibbo.com/buy/tps/tpc.html

Tibbo IDE software: tibbo.com/tide